SCT Software: Innovative Solutions to Boost Supply Chain Efficiency

CIO VendorDavid Henig, President & CEO
An organized process of planning, implementation, transportation, storage, and shipment of materials form the crux of any successful supply chain process. To gain a competitive edge in this space, companies strive to reduce overall operational costs, improve customer service levels and ensure efficiency. Helping these companies with best-of-breed solutions is SCT Software, a Spring Lake, NJ based company. Focusing predominantly on the outbound logistics process—an area where operational efficiencies can significantly impact the operations budget —SCT Software provides “a single platform for planning, collaboration, execution and visibility,”asserts David Henig, President & CEO, SCT Software.

SCT Software’s innovative solutions are built into multiple SAP modules, ECC, EWM, and TM, that enable users to add critical functionality to both planning and executing within the supply chain. The solutions offer seamless integration to augment SAP’s core capabilities and help clients to get the most out of their SAP investments. The company’s flagship product, XPS, focuses on the distribution center user and is designed to optimize the packing and parcel shipping process. “It facilitates and automates planning, which allows the warehouse resources to streamline their picking and packing process to reduce the time required to get products out the door,” says Henig. XPS also helps in accessing real-time parcel shipping status information, maintaining full control of small parcel shipping activities, and having better planning and execution of transportation requirements. This empowers clients to effectively meet both internal and customer demands for accurate delivery status and cost information.

Over time, and through dialog with the customers, the company has incorporated enhanced planning capabilities within their software. The result is CSO, a new cartonization offering, that drives operational and planning efficiencies, and helps lower the cost of shipping by optimizing the pack plan for outbound products. The solution systematically suggests the most cost-effective packing option as part of the warehouse process.
“CSO is the only SAP-based cartonization solution available that compares freight charges for various packing proposals for preferred carriers, service and mode; a key area of functionality required to deliver true cost savings and efficiency,” states Henig. The company works closely with all the major parcel and LTL carriers. “This helps us ensure continued compliance with carrier business rules, enabling our clients to focus on tasks of running their warehouse and shipping product without having to concern themselves with ever changing carrier compliance,” explains Henig. SCT’s solutions apply across a broad group of industries with a significant number of clients in verticals like Pharmaceutical, Bioscience, Chemical, Consumer Product Manufacturers and Retail. Regardless of the industry, the true value comes from configuring the solution to meet client’s individual needs.

Our partnership with SAP has enabled us to create solutions that help clients get the most from their SAP investments

For example, one of their clients was facing problems with planning their outbound shipments. SCT observed that all of their outbound shipments were coordinated through manual process by a sole individual within their organization. To improve the situation, SCT provided the client a routing guide through which they could consider customer-specific requirements and the components of their shipment. “We implemented the routing guide which helped them save a significant amount in the shipping costs, and delivered a dramatic ROI” says Henig. Moving ahead, SCT’s focus is twofold. The company will continue to work closely with their clients to cater to their future needs, while constantly working with SAP to understand the direction of their supply chain solutions. “Our mission and challenge is to continue to fill any gaps that may exist now and in the future to bring value to SAP’s solutions and most importantly to our clients,” concludes Henig.

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David Henig, President & CEO

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