SDL Tridion: Transforms Video Views into Transactions

Mark Lancaster, Founder
The seamless convergence of social, mobile and Web world is creating new trends in the consumer driven economy. Mark Lancaster saw further opportunities for companies to deliver relevant customer experience and founded SDL Tridion in 1992. ”We wanted to help companies engage more effectively with their customers across the entire customer journey,” says Lancaster, CEO, SDL Tridion. Captivating video, audio and imagery are now a must for businesses to create real interactive online experiences.These rich media assets enrich the customer journey from brand recognition, to social campaigns and from product demonstrations to training opportunities; it presents an endless list of possibilities.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, SDL Tridion gives organizations full access to a centralized corporate media repository.
SDL Media Manager is a cloudbased on-demand service for rich-media management. From the context of a page, it allows easy addition of video to enhance the visitor experience and publish the customers rich media assets to multiple channels, to target audience on any site, mobile device or social media platform. The product supports myriads of media platforms, systems and devices, from web to mobile to IPTV and social media platforms.

SDL Media Manager while managing the digital assets in a centralized location provides cost-effective localized content for international audiences. The distribution channels are aligned with business tactics and strategies making it easy to share content and garner data on audience engagement. SDL helps the world’s best known companies, to deliver translated video and audio content to audiences around the world. SDL’s technology and services help brands to predict their customer’s wants and engage with them across multiple languages, cultures, channels and devices.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Mark Lancaster, Founder

Helps businesses enrich their customers’ experience.

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