SDL Government: Real-Time Translation of Foreign Languages

Danny Rajan, President
In our data-driven world, US Government organizations need to translate and understand millions of words of multilingual content per day - from a variety of sources. A Common Sense Advisory article stated professional translators are in short supply and can only translate possibly two to three thousand words per day. Furthermore, government agencies want to manage, share, and collaborate on all source content from multiple channels, and translate, quickly and reliably across multiple mission critical areas. This vital arena is where the Herndon, VA-based firm, SDL Government (SDLGov) brings pioneering and proven solutions. Delivering a comprehensive and innovative portfolio of language translation technology solutions to the US Government and public sector firms, SDL Government empowers users to access, translate, analyze, and understand foreign language content.

SDL Government’s secure, on-premise product suite includes Enterprise Translation Server (ETS-G); their newest translation technology offering Machine Translation Enterprise (MTE)–a rich combination of enhanced Statistical and Neural Machine Translation technologies; Trados Studio 2017–the newest version of the global leading software application in translator desktop productivity; and WorldServer® 11 (WS-G)–a powerful translation management and workflow application sized for any US Government or contractor enterprise environment. These integrated tools combine translation management, translator productivity, machine language learning, and translation project workflow, into an enterprise translation environment that effectively and efficiently supports highly sensitive or regulated content. “SDLGov’s MTE provides on-premise, real-time content translation in more than 100 language combinations by utilizing advanced statistical and neural machine translation technology,” says Danny Rajan, President, SDL Government. The MTE product utilizes a new modular approach that takes into consideration the inherent linguistic and syntactic differences within languages, as well as regional dialects and informal (slang) variations driven by social media.

The integration of MTE with SDL Government’s Trados Studio 2017 translator productivity suite results in increased translation speed, rapid triage of documents, and improved translation quality in a secure environment. SDL Government’s WS-G provides consistent analysis and reporting of translation projects for managers, translators, and reviewers.

Our machine translation software, Machine Translation Enterprise, provides secure real-time multi-lingual content translation in more than 100 language combinations, across diverse sets of domains, content, platforms and missions

SDL Gov technology offers trainable engines that can be directly tailored for the unique domains of data that the Government addresses. Deployed on platforms that operate globally, and translate real-time sources such as audio, text, and other multi-lingual content, SDL Government’s product portfolio is focused on enabling mission success.

With an on-premise deployment model, SDL Government ensures a high level of security such that defense, intelligence, and public sector agencies can manage and control sensitive information. Supporting customers and partners in enterprise and remote environments, the translation ecosystem enables users to train, save and reuse translations to significantly reduce cost, time, and increase quality.

SDL Government is at the forefront of delivering fast translations as the firm implements neural technologies, centralized translation memories and terminology databases to leverage and share the existing content across an organization. The content is accepted from a wide variety of sources—websites, social media, audio and imagery.

According to Rajan, the SDL Government team works in an environment driven by innovation and the passion to solve the complex language translation challenges faced by their Government customers. The firm’s ecosystem of products will continue to evolve as multi-lingual content continues to grow in complexity to ensure their customer’s translation management objectives are exceeded.

SDL Government

Herndon, VA

Danny Rajan, President

SDL Government is focused on the development, implementation and innovation of highly reliable and secure translation technologies for defense, security, and intelligence applications

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