SE2: A Nimble Approach to Policy Distribution

Vinod Kachroo, Chief Information Officer
“Compared to other industries, the insurance sector in the U.S. has been growing at less than two percent a year. We see digitalization as a key enabler for this industry to rise from that stagnant growth rate,” asserts Vinod Kachroo, CIO, SE2. Insurance carriers are facing a multitude of barriers to agility and time to market because of the complexity of their legacy technology infrastructure. SE2, a recognized industry leader and innovative technology and third-party administration company, empowers Life & Annuity (L&A) insurers to launch new products rapidly, optimize operations, and acquire new customers through all distributions as well as a direct-to-consumer channel while shifting to a variable cost model. Born out of the 125-year life insurance company Security Benefit Life, SE2 has evolved consistently into an advanced insurance technology firm that has become the engine of growth and digital transformation for the L&A insurance industry.

Insurers must alter their strategy and embrace digitization to improve on operational efficiencies and to capitalize on growth opportunities such as the vastly underserved and untapped mid-market and millennials customers. With this realization, SE2 built a multi-tenant end-to-end ecosystem digital platform leveraging robotic automation, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics to empower clients to launch new innovative products faster including through the direct-to-consumer channel. The fully digital platform also provides them dramatic cost savings in administration throughout the entire lifecycle of the policies. The automation tightly coupled with configurable interfaces and straight-through processing accelerates speed to market time while also giving more agility and scalability. “We give our clients the power to launch next-generation insurance products in a matter of weeks instead of months by offering them end-to-end digital transformation capabilities through a single platform,” elucidates Kachroo.

The platform helps improve the relationship between the insurer and policyholder by eliminating the manual processes both at the back-end administration and front-end engagement. Utilizing SE2 Digital Direct Life, insurers can underwrite, deliver policies and accept payments—all in a matter of a few minutes.
Further, SE2 leverages data from insurance companies and third-party sources using API’s and sophisticated analytics tool to help insurers create and deliver next-generation products/ services.

We give our clients the power to launch next-generation insurance products in a matter of weeks instead of months by offering them end-to-end digital transformation capabilities through a single platform

Kachroo cites an instance where SE2 enabled an insurer to overcome scalability and agility challenges. At the outset, the client confronted issues with internal infrastructure and capabilities, which was detrimental to their agility and flexibility. They needed to launch into a completely digital direct-to-consumer channel. Partnering with the client, SE2 helped them fully implement a new direct-to-consumer life insurance product in less than four months in addition to achieving a great deal of flexibility to both scale and expand the capability.

With a proven track record of launching around 15-30 new insurance products a year, SE2 processes over 180,000 new business applications a year and administers 2.5+ million policies making them the largest administrator of variable annuities in the U.S. Currently, SE2 operates out of its many locations including Kansas, Dallas, New Jersey, India, and Ireland, and is focused on expanding to other areas. With a driving passion for bringing next-generation technology, SE2 is experimenting with artificial intelligence, analytical models, and algorithms to transform the underwriting paradigm. “We are also on the industry Blockchain counsel where we are building a proof of concept and striving to add value to high stake businesses,” concludes Kachroo. As the insurance industry shifts and new market opportunities present themselves, SE2 is well positioned for the future as they become the technology and service engine powering the Life and Annuity Insurance Industry.


Topeka, KS

Vinod Kachroo, Chief Information Officer

Offers an end-to-end digital transformation solution, helping clients launch products rapidly, improve efficiencies, save cost, and maximize profits while dramatically improving the customer experience