Seabury Capital: Piloting Business Growth

John Luth, Founder, CEO & Chairman
Seabury Capital LLC is a New York-based firm operating a number of specialty finance, investment banking, technology and software companies with a core focus on financial services, aviation, aerospace and defense, maritime, financial services and technology. The software development arm of Seabury Capital, Seabury Solutions, displayed its prowess in building holistic solutions that eventually improve the financial performance of businesses. For instance, one major airline was struggling to get a newly-built flight profitability solution to run over mainframe computers and consumed three days of computing time. In 2005, at this same airline, Seabury Solutions implemented its new Airline Performance Analysis System (“APAS”) that consumed less than eight hours of processing time in the then modern architecture. This same processing for the same client is expected to move to two hours next month due to the continuous evolution and improvement of the product, leveraging the latest technology. APAS pulls information from the conventional ERP systems, analyzes operational and financial data, and produces detailed reports that help take insight-driven business decisions. “Our solution processes voluminous operations and expense information and helps them in planning flight routes and budget,” states John Luth, Founder, CEO & Chairman, Seabury Capital.

A theme to Seabury Capital’s development efforts is creating solutions that are scalable and easy to integrate. “Fixed price, ease of integration, low risk, readiness for integration with new systems, quickly adaptable to a broader role, these touchpoints underlie all of our products,” says Luth. The flexibility of the Seabury Solutions software was put to the test in each of three major US airlines mergers where the acquiring party was using APAS. In each case, Seabury Solution’s APAS system provided timely reporting across financials systems and 50+ legacy systems to provide comprehensive operational and profit reports with multiple modules reconciled to GAAP accounting.

In addition to APAS, Seabury Solutions provides Maintenance Performance Analysis Systems (“MPAS”) to businesses beyond the airline industry that have a significant manufacturing activity. For managing the distribution and sales channels, there is Revenue Performance Analysis System (“RPAS”) which calculates an accurate cost of sales to view net revenue.
There is also Contract Performance Analysis Systems (“CPAS”) that can also track warranties and guarantees provided by the OEMs, empowering CIOs and business leaders to take control of the contractual process with liberty to update and modify the functionalities of the solution.

Other flagship products for Seabury Solutions include AVEM, the next generation maintenance management software with deployments at over 80 customers worldwide and eAuthority which allows civil aviation agencies to better manage regulations and aircraft and pilot licensing.

Fixed price, ease of integration, low risk, readiness for integration with new systems, quickly adaptable to a broader role, these touchpoints underlie all of our products

In the realm of treasury operations and working capital finance, Seabury Capital has built a new digital platform, Seabury Trade Finance Exchange (“STFX”) which enables businesses to execute sale or purchase the trade payables and trade receivables irrespective of their origin. From procuring orders to acquiring corporate credit, the clients are now able to track, finance and execute complete trade lifecycles.

In addition to STFX providing liquidity to buyers and sellers, Seabury FXOne and Seabury Spotex provide the solutions to enable cross-border end-users to electronically submit OTC foreign exchange and precious metals orders for routing to the best available price by simply inserting data in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Clients can execute foreign exchange transactions at pace with the same-day banking settlement facility.

Numbers speak for Seabury Capital, as the company has 1,400 engagements and over 300 clients in 60 countries. Its strength lies in understanding clients, their most valuable assets, and the unique dynamics of their industries. Based on that experience and knowledge, Seabury Capital structures its solutions and financial products to match clients’ investment criteria.

Seabury Capital

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John Luth, Founder, CEO & Chairman

Offers solutions to streamline financial processes with a core focus anchored in aviation, aerospace, and defense, maritime, and financial services

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