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Eren Sher, Co-Founder and CEO The transition to the digital realm is nothing new in the enterprise landscape; a shift toward digital transformation was already underway across enterprises, but the recent COVID-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on it. This black swan event has been accelerating the enterprise adoption of digital initiatives like cloud migration and application modernization— making digital transformation the cornerstone of their business growth.

Today, as the demand for digital innovation is burgeoning, so is the demand for innovative software. This, in turn, is radically transforming how software is delivered. The monolithic paradigm of conventional waterfall software development is swiftly being replaced by an ‘Agile model’ that integrates development practices like DevOps and techniques like continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) to get the software out in the market as efficiently and quickly as possible. But this transition to modern application delivery is putting increasing pressure on a portion of the software delivery pipeline that has long remained a laggard— software testing. A software build’s go/no-go decisions ultimately hinge on its test results. However, with the growing number of builds and frequency of releases, the software engineering and QA teams are finding it difficult to maintain the high quality of their builds and complete test cycles on time. For instance, enterprises are hiring more and more developers to augment their software builds’ capabilities and push them faster into production. But adding more capabilities is necessitating the development of more and more test cycles to check those changes before going into production. Thus, enterprises are being forced to hire more automation engineers and manual testers, resulting in an anti-pattern. This hare vs. tortoise race of speed and quality eventually creates a bottleneck for enterprises, slowing down their time-to-market and costing them customers and business.

Interestingly, this is where SeaLights is breaking new ground for enterprises with its software quality intelligence platform. The namesake SeaLights platform revolutionizes how software changes are delivered. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) in the test management process, SeaLights’ quality intelligence allows enterprises to conduct their testing cycles smartly. Utilizing SeaLights’ analytics and intelligence prowess, enterprises can enhance the quality of their build releases by identifying and blocking untested code changes from reaching production. Furthermore, SeaLights’ smart test selection also dramatically reduces the required number of tests to be executed, enabling QA teams to determine where they need to execute and, more importantly, where they don’t need to execute tests. It saves enterprises an enormous amount of cost and time.

“Despite the advancements that we have made in modern application delivery, the volume of inefficiencies and guesswork that still goes into software testing is incredible,” says Eran Sher, co-founder and CEO of SeaLights. “Our platform enables enterprises to sidestep such suppositions and instead rely on data, cutting the testing time for each release up to a staggering 80 percent,” Sher adds.

Utilizing SeaLights’ analytics and intelligence prowess,enterprises can enhance the quality of their build releases by identifying and blocking untested code changes from reaching production

On the whole, SeaLights assist companies in pinpointing their quality issues by automatically identifying, analyzing, and communicating every perceivable security risk across the entire software development life cycle (SDLC). Thereby, companies can ensure the integrity of software production and mitigate quality risks as early as possible in the SDLC. It subsequently allows the software engineering and QA teams to focus their testing efforts on where it matters and deliver quality software at scale. “If firms cannot bring quality software to the market quickly, all their heavy investments in the cloud infrastructure, application modernization, and microservices architecture will not come to fruition.

By allowing organizations to attain quality with speed, we are enabling our clients to bring innovation to the market faster,” asserts Sher. To that extent, this proficiency of SeaLights transcends industries. Be it financial services, healthcare, gaming, or utilities, any enterprise whose business depends on its ability to drive value through software stands to benefit from SeaLights’ quality intelligence.

"SeaLights’ smart test selection also dramatically reduces the required number of tests to be executed, enabling QA teams to determine where they need to execute and, more importantly, where they don’t need to execute tests. It saves enterprises an enormous amount of cost and time."

Plugging in the Lights to Your Software Delivery Pipeline
One may wonder how SeaLights is waving its magic! At the core of SeaLights’ competencies is a proprietary cloud-based analytics engine that enables software and QA teams to make much faster decisions while deploying a new code to production. To facilitate this, SeaLights has extensive features. For example, the engine has a build scanner that scans the code of every software build and a test listener that identifies the executed code run. The engine automatically analyzes each software build and the test to be executed on it in real-time, whether it be a unit test, component test, API test, functional test, manual test, or end-to-end (E2E) test.

What’s driving SeaLights further ahead of its competition is its ability to work with an organization’s existing software pipeline seamlessly.
“We do not ask our clients to either change their tools or change their CI; we just work with it,” notes Sher. Further simplifying their approach, the company aims to “start small and prove value fast” during client onboarding.

“Whenever we identify a challenge, which could be around the quality, speed, testing efficiency, quality governance, or test intelligence, we select a department that has the highest business value for the client, and build a roadmap for them,” Sher remarks.
And once SeaLights “lands well” on that organization by delivering transformational results with proven ROI, the same approach is rolled out across the enterprise rapidly. Over time, a company can also learn to be self-sufficient with SeaLights, building its own competency centers around the platform.

How SeaLights’ analytics and intelligence prowess is transforming the software delivery of its clients can be best reflected from a recent client success story. One of the leading players in the gaming industry was recently finding it hard to scale their performance. Adopting a land-grab strategy, the company aimed to generate as many customers as possible by bringing in more competitive capabilities than their competitors. To make this happen, while they had a big pool of developers, their efforts were being throttled by the existing test management policies and processes that could not scale to meet the required volume of change. As a result, the quality of their applications reduced with the increasing pace of the builds, impeding their growth in the market. That’s when they onboarded the SeaLights platform. Thanks to SeaLights’ insights, the company could pinpoint the quality issues in their builds. This prevented them from pushing untested code changes into production, substantially improving the quality of their builds. At the same time, SeaLights helped them identify the tests they have missed for a particular code change, drastically bringing down the time of their test cycles. “Their earlier plan was to solve the issue by hiring more QA engineers so that they could execute more tests in the hope of finding those issues and bridging those gaps,” states Sher. But that was more of an inconclusive solution to their problem. However, with SeaLights, they are not guessing anymore. “They didn’t have to hire those 20 more people to develop 1,000 more tests as SeaLights, through its quality intelligence, could shed light on exactly where their quality issues were and how to quickly resolve those,” enthuses Sher. He further quizzes, “Imagine the cost of hiring 20 more quality engineers just to solve that single problem?” With SeaLights, the client saved boatloads of money.

Riding on the coattails of such success stories, SeaLights has swiftly carved a niche in the domain. Whatever the bottleneck of a firm regarding software testing is—be it quality, speed, testing efficiency, quality governance, or test intelligence—SeaLights can cater to them all, empowering firms to bring innovation to the market faster. Concurrently, the team behind SeaLights is also working on enhancing the intelligence capabilities of the platform and improving its risk analysis abilities for critical business transactions. They are also all set to facilitate integration with the various application performance management (APM) solutions. “You only get one shot in the current, fast-paced digital market, and you have to be super quick and responsive. With SeaLights, enterprises can achieve precisely that,” concludes Sher.


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Eren Sher, Co-Founder and CEO and Chris Rowett, VP of customer success

SeaLights revolutionizes how software changes are being delivered with its quality intelligence technology