Sealing Technologies: Managing the “War-Game” Style Cyber Exercises

CIO VendorEdward Sealing, President & CEO
Companies engaged in the manufacture of products or use of technical data controlled by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) must comply with a myriad of laws and regulations. “One of the massive threats faced by the DoD is in managing the vast amount of security relevant information of the DoD’s assets,” begins Edward Sealing, President and CEO of Sealing Technologies. The HUMVs, tanks, aircraft, ships, and even individual soldiers are all being augmented with information systems that support the war-fighters’ mission. As the DoD becomes more mobile and information-driven, the systems they rely on are more interconnected, thus increasing their risk exposure. To maintain information dominance, these systems require continuous risk monitoring and threat analysis to ensure they are not vulnerable to attack. To better combat these threats, Sealing Technologies leverages open source distributed processing and storage software to build near real-time systems that are capable of scaling up to these challenges and ensuring that the cyber commanders have situational awareness of their domain.

Sealing further notes that information dominance is not a program that can be simply put into place once and left alone. “It must be constantly exercised to ensure we can adapt to the newest cyber operations tactics and techniques used by our adversaries and be able to protect, detect, react, and recover from any type of attack that may happen.” Headquartered in Columbia, MD, the company is working closely with numerous services and agencies to manage the “war-game” style cyber exercises and utilizing analytics-based intrusion detection to identify these anomalies within the vast amount of data that is collected.
Sealing Tech provides cutting-edge re¬search, development, engineering and integration services in the areas of Cyber Security, Test and Evaluation, Certification and Accreditation and Cloud Computing. “Our goal is to deliver a vast amount of expert level results to support the Federal Government’s mission in the most secure, functional, and efficient manner possible,” Sealing says. The company maintains a reputation that is built upon the effectiveness of their team, where each member is devoted, passionate, and diligent in tackling the industry’s toughest problems through self-sustained learning and application of knowledge.

Out of the many success stories linked to Sealing Technologies, the company’s involvement in providing support to the installation and operations of the DoD’s first distributed risk scoring system stands apart. “Our expertise in secure distributed storage (Hadoop and Accumulo), distributed processing (Storm), and analytics make us the clear choice for helping you turn mountains of data into real-time business decision drivers,” he adds. Sealing Technologies helped to deploy and secure a 120 node analytic cluster that is able to analyze important cyber risk information. The company used open source software like Hadoop, Accumulo, and Storm to deploy a system that is capable of combing through the vast amounts of compliance and inventory data that is pouring out from each individual computer.

Going forward, the company intends to increase its compliance and operational evaluation services, as well as their cyber war-game exercises. “One of our major priorities this year is to expand our offensive/ defensive exercise events to more participants inside and outside the Federal Government. Only through coordinated, realistic exercises can the DoD adequately equip our Cyber Protection Teams with the skills they need to defend our nation’s infrastructure,” Sealing concludes.

Sealing Technologies

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Edward Sealing, President & CEO

A company that provides cutting edge research, development, engineering and integration services in the areas of Cyber Security, Test and Evaluation, Compliance, and Cloud Computing