Seapine Software: Flexible ALM to Manage the Complex Product Development Phases

Rick Riccetti, Founder, President & CEO
Code is alive; old applications are living and sucking up valuable computing resources and helpdesk time. Eventually, to keep pace with the business changes, legacy applications need to be updated—when they refuse to deliver the expected level of service. Revamping software applications over a period of several years is a complex task, and this is where ALM comes in to support and manage the application lifecycle, from cradle to grave. With a mission to help companies improve software quality, Seapine Software—a Mason, OH-based software and services company—provides process-centric Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions that include traceability, workflow automation, and project visibility. “Teams can now work with requirement documents, issues, and test runs from one modern, powerful web client,” comments Riccetti.

Seapine develops TestTrack, a suite of software products comprising testing tools, configurations, test-case, and requirement management to manage the full software development lifecycle with improved QA visibility. This centralized suite tracks almost everything that is involved in the software development process from feature requests and requirements to designing revisions and changes in code. It also keeps track of the complete testing data—the platform on which the test is performed, configuration, and the language tested.

Apart from this, TestTrack offers the ability to create, manage, and report on all work items and project artifacts within a unified TestTrack web client, thereby providing end-to-end traceability. With a clear knowledge that defects are addressed and linking the requirements, test plans, source code, and helpdesk in an integrated environment, the software development team can better manage the entire project lifecycle. Since every test case is running in one silo, users can make finding and updating data easier and more intuitive, ultimately gaining more visibility and better control over their process.TestTrack also features a no-compromise workflow engine that includes states, events, transitions, assignment rules, and escalation rules for clearly defining the development path in project artifacts at every stage.

Our investments in development, workflow automation, traceability, and test management are helping our customers bring products to market faster—without compromising quality

In addition, TestTrack’s customizable dashboard and reporting feature assist IT managers in making timely decisions by greatly reducing the need to create and run traditional reports. With its client-server architecture, it also assists clients running computers with multiple network cards that could not always connect to the server while data is updating in the background.

Seapine develops ALM software for a variety of industries, including healthcare, financial services, utilities, and game development. From renewable energy solutions to embedded software on remote meters, energy and utilities companies face increasing industry regulation and remote data collection challenges, and mounting security threats. Leveraging the Seapine’s TestTrack solution, energy and utility industry understands the impact of requirement changes and provides secure access to source code, work items, and other product development. “Our investments in development, workflow automation, traceability, and test management are helping our customers bring products to market faster—without compromising quality,” asserts Riccetti.

With two decades of successful implementations and outstanding achievement, Seapine drives the creation of recognized brands, life-saving medical devices, and even acclaimed games. Moving forward, the firm continues to stay true to its mission of delivering quality software on time and within budget and aiming to assist more companies in developing superior products.

Seapine Software

Mason, OH

Rick Riccetti, Founder, President & CEO

Provides ALM solutions that help companies manage the process of developing high quality complex products

Seapine Software