SearchStax: Amplifying Open Source Search for Better Digital Experiences

Sameer Maggon, Founder
Google has made fast and relevant search results a given for most consumers. People now expect their search experiences to be just as good regardless of their context. On an e-commerce site, marketplace site, publishing site, or an application that helps them do their job, people just expect search to work. However, we all know the truth – delivering fast and relevant search is hard. For CIO’s, the impact of an ineffective search strategy can be devastating in terms of lost productivity, missed timelines, and most importantly missed opportunities. California-based SearchStax is helping organizations overcome these challenges cost effectively by amplifying open source search to create better digital experiences.

Driven by the power of open source search engines (Apache Solr and Elastic search) and a cloud-agnostic approach, SearchStax enables organizations to easily deploy, manage, and scale complex open source search infrastructure in the cloud. Thus, innovators can accelerate their time to market and focus on software development for their unique business use cases. At the heart of it all is their cloud-based search platform, SearchStax. “As a SaaS (software as a service) offering, SearchStax is a highly reliable, scalable and fault tolerant platform that enables businesses to deliver relevant and fast search experiences with confidence,” says Sameer Maggon, Founder, SearchStax. Through SearchStax, the company not only provides automated provisioning of Solr or Elasticsearch, but also comprehensive monitoring, alerting, backups, administrative tooling, end-user analytics, and enhanced discovery features.

SearchStax supports any cloud - public, private, or yours. Their cloud agnostic approach allows enterprises to utilize the Public Cloud (AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform) for the easiest and fastest implementation timelines. For use cases that require additional privacy and compliance, private cloud options are available. This enables two virtual private cloud (VPC) environments to be connected via virtual peering. This effectively isolates your search infrastructure from other applications and traffic for enhanced security and performance. Finally, SearchStax Cloud Enterprise allows for deployment of SearchStax within your own cloud environment allowing more control and stricter compliance.

In addition to accelerating timelines through deployment and management automation, SearchStax enables enhanced discovery and search relevancy optimization. Enhanced discovery features like: recommendations, auto-suggest, and personalization are available to create more engaging digital experiences.

SearchStax improves availability, security and performance of search-based applications and helps our customers optimize conversion, engagement, retention, and ultimately - their satisfaction

SearchStax Relevancy Bench, which includes support for multiple relevancy models, model simulations, and A/B testing, contains the tools that enable teams to optimize their search results.

The company offers managed services and 24/7/365 SLA-backed expert support for open source search solutions deployed in the cloud. This allows customers to focus on innovating around their products and not having to worry about the 2 am phone call when their infrastructure has problems. SearchStax also offers on-demand search expertise to help customers solve complex search problems or want additional assistance as they are architecting their search solutions.

SearchStax has partnered with a wide array of organizations to enhance and optimize their search capabilities. The firm has helped enable fast and relevant search experiences for leading organizations including: Kelly Services, Ticketmaster, Roche, Bio-Techne, University of Michigan, Kazzam/Party City, Ricoh, and City Football Group.

Getting to Google-like search performance and effectiveness isn’t easy. For CIO’s looking to innovate and accelerate the development of search-based applications, SearchStax helps on both objectives. “We focus on automating as much of the deployment, management, and monitoring of our customer’s search infrastructure as possible and then helping them provide richer experiences with enhanced discovery, relevancy, and personalization. SearchStax improves availability, security and performance of search-based applications and helps our customers optimize conversion, engagement, retention, and ultimately - their satisfaction.” concludes Maggon.


El Segundo, CA

Sameer Maggon, Founder

SearchStax is a trusted partner for Open Source Search within Public and Private Clouds