Seccuris Inc.: Turning Information Risks into Business Opportunities

Geoff Besko, President
Every organization possesses information that is critical or sensitive, ranging from personal, financial, and product data to customer, brand, and intellectual property. With rising threats, increased regulatory requirements, greater budget pressure, and more complexity in the IT environment, security professionals and business executives need to have enterprise wide visibility into their environments. One company that can deliver such visibility is Seccuris, the leader in premium business-driven cyber security consulting and managed services since 1999.

What differentiates Seccuris is that they assess each client’s security needs in relation to their entire enterprise, not just their technology to determine how security will not only protect their network, but also affect their ability to conduct business. Then Seccuris tailors the exact program they need to make effective risk-based decisions at every level. The company also stays on the leading edge through focused research and development, contribution to international best practice development, and deep industry experience.

“We bring significant knowledge not only in information and cyber security, but also in government privacy legislation and risk management,” says Geoff Besko, President and CEO, Seccuris. With 20 years of consulting experience in business and IT strategy, Geoff leads a team of proven security professionals who provide advisory services to its clients. Seccuris is an agile and flexible security firm that provides end-to-end services and solutions to its clients throughout the lifecycles of their risk management programs. The company offers Professional Services with a specialization in Security Architecture and Program Development, PCI Compliance, Security and Privacy Assessments, and Penetration Testing; and Managed Security Services, including Threat Management and Vulnerability Management from its 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC).

Seccuris also provides Educational Services through a series of comprehensive security training courses and workshops specializing in Enterprise Security Architecture. These courses are taught by Geoff Besko and Michael Legary, founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Seccuris. Geoff and Michael are two of the only three Certified SABSA (Sherwood Applied Business Security Architecture) Master Architects in North America.

We bring significant knowledge not only in information and cyber security, but also in government privacy legislation and risk management

Seccuris’ dedicated focus to the security industry provides unprecedented value to their clients. The company’s success factor can be highlighted through one of its clients, a prominent North American telecommunications provider. The client wanted to manage their security risks while enabling their strategic business objectives. They engaged Seccuris to perform an enterprise risk assessment, develop an enterprise security architecture that enabled the company’s business objectives, and provide an integrated multi-year Enterprise Security Program and Architecture roadmap that would align risk management and compliance activities, and reduce risks as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Benefits the telecom provider realized from this approach included improved executive visibility through a clear, business driven enterprise security program; enhanced risk management and assurance through integrated defense-in-depth strategies; improved transparency and effectiveness through a program governance structure; and enhanced visibility through a well defined and measurable risk mitigation plan. Today, Seccuris continues to provide this client with consulting services, managed services, solution integration, and training.

Based in Canada, Seccuris has offices in six key regions of North America. In 2013, it established headquarters in Dallas, Texas to serve existing and new U.S. clients. “In the coming years, we’ll strengthen our dominant position in the Canadian marketplace, expand our presence in the U.S., and grow operations into international markets,” concludes Besko. “We’ll also expand our SOC, and continue to invest in new services and products, including our patented OneStone™ Information Assurance Portal.


Southlake, Texas

Geoff Besko, President

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