Secucloud: Enterprise-Level Security for the Mass Market

Secucloud: Enterprise-Level Security for the Mass MarketDennis Monner, Founder & CEO
In the wake of high profile breaches, increasing smart connected devices, and migration of services to the cloud, network security continues to rise to the top of corporate agendas. Conventional appliance-based network security solutions are expensive to deploy, complicated to manage, and lack scalability. Due to the lack of resources and dedicated IT personnel, small and medium businesses face difficulties with their essential network defense tasks. Secucloud offers a cloud-based security-as-a-service platform that provides clients with the benefits of enterprise-level security solutions at affordable prices.

Dennis Monner founded Secucloud in 2013 as a spinoff from Gateprotect AG, a unified threat management and next-generation firewall business, with the goal of providing enterprise quality security to mass markets using cloud technology. With employees relying on various mobile devices to perform their daily tasks, security beyond corporate networks such as endpoint security has become a concern. Secucloud’s Elastic Cloud Security System (ECS2) meets the challenges of continued high-volume traffic and the increasing number of mobile connected devices. “ECS2 ensures real-time enterprise-class security and scales dynamically and limitlessly, enabling effective use of resources and significant cost benefits,” adds Mark Rees, COO of Secucloud. Additionally, Secucloud’s Secuscaler, a firewall-as-a-service security platform, offers cutting-edge security and SD-WAN features and monitoring, specifically designed to serve SMBs with its pay-as-you-go model.

By combining the range of security systems in the ECS2 architecture with a global security cloud infrastructure, telecommunication companies and internet service providers can ensure comprehensive security in real time for all their subscriber´s devices. Secucloud provides protection regardless of the operating system and does not require any installation, configuration, or updates of any software on the part of the end user. The ECS2 framework allows network service providers the flexibility to tailor their value-added services for different target groups. Further, Secucloud’s One-Click Booking solution serves as a tool for network carriers to address their end customers directly.
Mark Rees, COO
Through One-Click Booking, subscribers can opt-in to value-added services with a single click and are immediately protected. The solution can be used along with traditional advertising channels for targeted marketing campaigns.

“Secucloud’s security suites comprise different modules that are part of ECS2 core security platform for web, file, or application specific protection,” states Rees. The different suites are classified according to the different levels of security strength they offer. The Advanced Security Suite, a quick-deployment security solution based on DNS technology protects against botnets, phishing, and prevents access to unwanted content. The Premium Security Suite offers an even higher level of security with Secucloud’s Intelligent Algorithm Based Steering Engine. The suite scrutinizes network traffic, performs genuine file analysis, and has integrated features such as SAND-SSL, and smart deep packet inspection. The Expert Security Suite builds on the protection available in the Premium Suite and further deploys advanced packet analyzers and APT sandboxing technology.

Rees narrates how Secucloud helped T-Mobile Netherlands, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, protect their mobile networks. Due to the increasing number of cyber-attacks that targeted user’s data and money, T-Mobile Netherlands subscribers were hesitant to use internet services like online payments and mobile banking. The company wanted a solution that provided comprehensive security while ensuring ease-of-use for its customers. Additionally, the solution was also required to feature a high level of scalability and had to be cloud-based. Secucloud fulfilled all of T-mobile Netherland’s criteria and created a solution called “Extra Veilig Online,” which has since been widely adopted.

Moving forward, Secucloud is expanding geographically in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the U.S. “In the face of an increasingly complex cyber threat landscape, Secucloud addresses the threats to connected devices in the network and so fundamentally protects subscribers from attacks,” concludes Rees.


Hamburg, Germany

Dennis Monner, Founder & CEO and Mark Rees, COO

Secucloud provides cloud-based IT security using its unique Elastic Cloud Security System worldwide