Secure Infrastructure and Services: Secure Infrastructure and Services IaaS for Up-to-date and Scalable IT Infrastructure

Hal Schwartz, CEO
Cloud-based services have proved to be a welcome addition to the IT toolset for many enterprises today. The ability to adapt to scaling requirements, combined with the freedom from maintenance and IT overhead have prevented enterprises from exhausting their capital on building and maintaining their IT Infrastructure while remaining up-to-date with the current IT landscape. Set against this backdrop is a Secure Infrastructure and Services (SIAS) that provides IT infrastructure as a “pay as you grow service” for a monthly fee—eliminating the need to predict future growth, staffing and training challenges, and the cost of maintenance and support on systems and storage. “We also offer sandbox services which allow potential clients to plan resource requirements and to test performance before moving to our cloud service. This eliminates guess work and uncertainty,” says Hal Schwartz, CEO of SIAS.

The company’s flagship offering, the IBM i Hosting, the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud environment, is the joint effort of both SIAS and IBM. “The service is built to allow scaling resources both up and out to deliver performance and capacity as needed by our clients and they need only pay for the resources they require,” says Schwartz. It offers around the clock monitoring and management services for servers and storage; help reduce management and infrastructure cost and complexity; and optimizes IT resources and increase scalability and availability. “Our solution makes IT easy, allowing enterprises to focus on business operations. We tailor system design, implementation, migration strategies, as well as communications to suit our customers’ specific needs,” says Schwartz. In addition, SIAS has extensive knowledge in offering Advanced Interactive eXecutive (AIX) and Linux on the IBM’s Power architecture-based server line.

The SIAS IBM i Hosting cloud solution is built on highly reliable IBM enterprise systems, storage and network equipment allowing the company to deliver enterprise-level resources to the smallest organizations up to large enterprises. In one instance, SIAS was able to transform the entire business operation of an Independent Service Vendor (ISV) client, RJC Softwares. The client needed a responsive SaaS solution that would enable them to deliver web-based applications to their customers.

The service is built to allow scaling resources both up and out to deliver performance and capacity as needed by our clients and they need only pay for the resources they require

With SIAS’s assistance, RJC migrated to a cloud-based architecture from their old and maintenance-intensive hardware infra-structure. “The migration helped RJC to receive higher operational performance and flexibility and is able to function with-out being affected by local outages,” beams Schwartz. The solution implemented was built around the cloud architecture for IBM i and it helped RJC in achieve higher operational performance and flexibility. In addition, RJC was able to go deliver their product without any upfront startup cost due to SIAS’s flexible payment plan. “This helped our client focus on increasing their reliability, providing faster update releases, and gaining new business in a cost-effective manner,” says Schwartz.

SIAS is a premier IBM business partner as well as one of the first companies enrolled in the IBM MSP program. The company works very closely with IBM on current technologies and infrastructure design allowing it to offer the latest and best solutions to our clients. “We also work with IBM to implement best practices and gain information on future technologies and developments,” says Schwartz.

For the future, the firm plans on looking into their offerings built around Power Linux, OpenPower, and other open source platforms and products like Open Stack. SIAS maintains that shifting to Open Source and adapting to their clients evolving needs are areas that they will focus on in the coming years. In addition, SIAS will continue to provide clients with resources for their legacy systems and help clients cross the bridge to adapt newer technology as they grow and advance forward.

Secure Infrastructure and Services

Melville, NY

Hal Schwartz, CEO

Providing IaaS in a fully managed cloud environment built on IBM Power and PureFlex Systems, allowing customers to scale to their needs and only pay for the resources they use. Private Label and Referral partner opportunities available through our partner program

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