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CIO VendorDaren Klum, CEO and Founder
Daren Klum, CEO and Founder of Secured² loves challenges and has an offbeat approach to find lasting solutions for the complex landscape of data security. He believes in using the same creativity of the hackers to thwart them in an innovative way by changing the internal architecture of the data itself. In a data security market that is fragmented, myriad partial solutions focus on different layers of the security portfolio. Vetted to be hacker proof by the world’s top FBI & CIA trained professionals, Secured² delivers an easy to use, cost-effective “total” solution for all data security concerns.

How does Secured² enable this? “Hacking is a solvable problem,” says Klum. The data, he explains is broken into three tenants–‘Shrink, Shred, Secure’. In the first phase, Secured² patented solution shrinks data by 90 percent while at the same time protecting it through a proprietary process that goes beyond encryption— translating into efficiencies in transmission time and savings in storage costs. The shrunken data which is in a proprietary format is then shredded into 10k segments that are encrypted with 128 or 256 bit AES encryption. This encrypted data is randomly distributed globally into multiple storage locations chosen by the client—cloud, local storage or hybrid. Restoring data is as simple as “authenticating yourself” through some form of physical based authentication or strong password. “Our product offers a radical departure from other forms of security. Not only is the data shrunk to such an extent, the shredding scrambles the data and without the requisite permission and authentication, the data cannot be intercepted or unscrambled by anyone,” says Klum.

Behind Secured²’s tooth-to-tail approach proven to defeat hackers is a highly focused, multi-disciplinary team of problem-solvers. “The unrivaled security defines the basis for so many of our customers entrusting us with their most valuable data to prevent data breaches,” states Klum. For instance, a metal manufacturing customer working with various groups of the military on highly complex computer designs had concerns about the growing data breaches in his industry. On installation of Secured²’s solution on premise, all their data could be secured and disbursed into their selected multiple locations (Google, Amazon, Microsoft Azure)—a fast way to securely store and retrieve the information.
“In addition to cutting costs and eliminating major threats to the hacking of their critical data, our solution allows them to use cloud storage in a new way, empowering them with control of their security. It also prevents any of the cloud providers from knowing what the customer has stored in their clouds,” explains Klum.

Klum is focused on assimilating current market trends in security into their solutions. He waxes eloquent about DARPA software innovation group’s promising work. “Their projects PLANX and MEMEX and their work with hardware manufacturers to set new standards for “device” security will move security in the right direction,” adds Klum. “Also the new authentication software in the market that views authentication from a ‘prove it’ standpoint is a definite move towards the time where the computer needs to know it’s really ‘you’ when you login. Both of these exciting solutions can be integrated into the Secured² platform.”

Our product offers a radical departure from other forms of security

Hitting a high note on the pipeline of new products, Klum affirms that they have solved the hacker threats on data at rest, nevertheless the next goal is to protect live data such as database to application. Armed with a multitude of patents and with several patents pending on their live data solution, Secured² is building solutions based on their proven operating technologies. Additionally, the firm is working towards revamping their logistics and delivery processes to speed fulfillment for customers. “Whether the area is healthcare, retail business, or national security, nothing is more important that guarding high value information,” states Klum. With Secured² your data is safe. Period.

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Daren Klum, CEO and Founder

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