SecureThings: Spearheading the Realm of Automotive Cybersecurity

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Vishal Bajpai, Co-founder & CEO
We are witnessing automotive transformation. Megatrends like connectivity, autonomous vehicles, shared mobility and electrification extending and compacting the value chain at the same time. As autonomous vehicles continue down the road to reality, the increasing need for broadening a vehicle’s capabilities and improving its existing functionality are fueling the movement towards making them the inevitable future of transportation. Whether it’s for an interstate pilot using a driver for extended availability, autonomous valet parking, or driverless vehicle on-demand, the widespread implementation of autonomous vehicles has increased several folds. Connected vehicles utilize communication systems to enhance their overall performance and consequently improve transportation by enabling functionalities such as cooperative sensing and cooperative maneuvering. However, these advantages of connected vehicles come with a significant downside—numerous cybersecurity risks as hackers gain unauthorized remote access to the vehicle network through cellular networks, Wi-Fi, bluetooth and hardline connections. Although these vehicles offer abundant growth opportunities for consumers, automakers, and their suppliers, it remains a threat to consumer safety, privacy, and security. As a result, OEMs no longer rely only on their component suppliers to solve consumers’ and regulators’ security concerns. They are instead looking up to cybersecurity experts for assistance. Enter SecureThings, a leading cyber-security solution provider for the connected vehicles. Founded in 2018, the company offers a real-time cybersecurity solution for entire automotive value chain.

By assuring effective end-to-end security and safety of the user while they stay connected, SecureThings helps OEMs protect automobiles from both inbound as well as outbound threats. SecureThings offers a multi-layered real-time cybersecurity solution that protects a vehicle’s entire value chain through capabilities ranging from preventing from various remote attacks and host security to securing the entire in-vehicle network to identify anomalies and protect ECUs. The big data analytics platform offers analytics for attack trends, forensic analysis, and insights to the OEMs and suppliers. “Our cloud-based analytics platform is adaptive and builds intelligence using machine learning-based algorithms. It continuously monitors the network for anomalous behaviors and threats, analyses the attack trends, and provides a proactive recommendation to enable detection and remote immunization of the fleet to identify anomalies as well as to detect and prevent malicious activities,” asserts Vishal Bajpai, co-founder and CEO of SecureThings.

Given the need for effective fleet management and security assessment, the C-suite of a company is going to play a crucial part in the future auto organization.

In the near future, no automobile will be shipped without cyber protection. We envision becoming a global leader of automotive cybersecurity by continuously innovating and providing disruptive technologies

In order to assist them in making well-informed business decisions while simultaneously avoiding costly vehicle recalls, SecureThings’ analytics platform provides intelligent analytics by collecting data from vehicles, monitoring the fleet behavior, and analyzing attack trends. It does alert aggregation and correlation through automotive intelligence to understand the hackers’ behavior and ultimately provide proactive recommendations for securing the vehicle ecosystem. It can also be deployed in a Security Operations Center (SOC) for live monitoring and actions.

Moreover, the company offers multi-layer cybersecurity solutions by monitoring the network traffic and data transmitted within the vehicle network for any anomalies. SecureThings’ first layer of protection is protecting the external interfaces, both physical and remote, and prevents any malicious code from entering the vehicle. The second security layer rests on the devices itself and provides stringent intelligent checks based on machine learning. It maintains the integrity of the firmware, including the infotainment unit, telematics unit, or other ECUs. The third and final layer of defense protects the entire in-vehicle network through a proper understanding of the network behavior by leveraging machine learning capabilities. It then provides real-time intelligence for identifying any threats in the concerned network.

Accomplished in tackling any challenge thrown their way, SecureThings wants to keep serving its clients with its team experience and expertise. Having gained enough traction with its offices in the U.S. and India, the company aims to enhance its market reach in North America, Europe, and Japan. SecureThings plans to continue innovating to consolidate and strengthen the automotive cybersecurity realm. “In the near future, no automobile will be shipped without cyber protection. We envision becoming a global leader of automotive cybersecurity by continuously innovating and providing disruptive technologies,” concludes Bajpai.


Vishal Bajpai, Co-founder & CEO

SecureThings provides a real-time cyber security solution for the connected vehicles. The multi-layered connected cyber security solutions from the company protects vehicles beginning from the telematics unit and ECU security to the in-vehicle network security. SecureThings’ dynamic security framework is adaptive and builds intelligence using machine learning based algorithms. Besides, the big data analytics platform of the company provides analytics for attack trends, forensic analysis, awareness, and insights to the OEMs and suppliers to take well informed business decisions. An innovative cybersecurity startup, SecureThings empowers OEMs to avoid costly vehicle re-calls and help in future architecture changes with its predictive analytics, proactive alerts, and real-time intelligence