Securonix: Triumphing the Security Maze in Cloud

Sachin Nayyar CEO
To prevail in the race to digital transformation, it’s common to see enterprises large and small unplug their data centers and rent out cloud-computing services and applications like Salesforce, Workday, AWS, Microsoft Office365, Dropbox and more. This trend is largely spurred with benefits like agility, lower fixed costs, and higher flexibility that are synonymous with cloud. However, there is another glaring component that follows suit with a cloud strategy: Security.

Cloud environments increase the attack surface area for hackers, leaving a company vulnerable to data breaches and hijacked accounts. Oftentimes miscreants also hide behind the data explosion—an outcome of increased application and technology adoption—leaving analysts fumbling to identify the credible threats hidden in vast numbers of security alerts. Simply put, security and threat detection capabilities haven’t kept pace with cloud adoption and the associated data explosion, and what’s pertinent today is a cloud “security-first plan.”

Enterprises can now move toward cloud with no compromises with Securonix, a provider of security intelligence solutions that is redefining user behavior analysis, threat detection, and cybersecurity data analysis with Securonix Cloud. Since traditional security solutions fail to offer complete visibility into cloud solutions, Securonix Cloud is a SaaS-based solution that combines state-of-the-art security information and event management (SIEM) solutions and adopts a complete cloud-to-cloud security model.

Securonix Cloud is completely scalable and is up and running in a client’s environment within 24 hours. To ensure that all their clients use the best practices across security disciplines, Securonix performs an in-depth assessment of existing security programs and then offers recommendations and implementations accordingly. This is backed by 24/7 support and a comprehensive set of education and professional services that encompass both on-site training and online courses.

For seamless security monitoring, Securonix Cloud has built-in APIs that connects with all major cloud technologies. It has the capability to deliver log management with the Securonix Security Data Lake that collects massive volumes of data in real-time and enriches it with meaningful identity and threat intelligence context. “Securonix’s solution is beyond your typical data lake as it is build on an open data model based on Hadoop. This ensures that information is never locked down in a proprietary database, in case an organization decides to change vendors,” says Sachin Nayyar, CEO of Securonix.

Securonix’s solution is beyond your typical data lake as it is based on an open data model, Hadoop which ensures that information is never locked down

Since new threat vectors are analyzing behavioral approach to launch breaches, Securonix Cloud is also the first solution of its kind that leverages user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA). This makes it much more effective than signature-based solutions as it evaluates and correlates interactions between users or systems and performs incident response and threat mitigation practices in the back-end without transporting data, resulting in improved cost efficiencies.

To better highlight Securonix’s value proposition, a good example is that of a Fortune 5 manufacturer of industrial equipment. The client wanted to protect their intellectual property and ensure that internal contractors did not have access to any information without authorization. The manufacturer went ahead and classified their data and added security clearance levels, and with Securonix they were able to establish rules around user-access and conduct activity monitoring. “We helped them define their data classification and in the event of any deviation they could identify and act upon it quickly,” mentions Nayyar.

Owing to their top of the line solutions, Securonix is gaining immense attention from top-tier analyst firms and the future holds even bigger possibilities. The company will be focusing heavily on geographic expansions and unfolding their analytics capability to a broad number of customers. From a product perspective, Securonix will further enhance their cloud security capabilities through internal developments and integrations with cloud-based cybersecurity, infrastructure, storage and application providers. “We have earned the name of a visionary in the cloud security space and endless innovation will be our driving force in the days to come,” ends Nayyar.


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Sachin Nayyar CEO

Provides a complete cloud-to-cloud security model along with actionable security analytics