Secuvy: Holistic Data Security and Privacy Governance in the New Age of Global Privacy Laws

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Vaibhav Mehrotra CEO & Co-Founder of Secuvy
In recent years, data privacy and security concerns have become more prominent as most companies are shifting their focus towards cloud migration, and (pandemic-induced) remote working trends. They typically have no idea where and how personal data is stored, who has access to it, and with whom it is shared. On top of that, with the growing number of privacy laws globally, securing and managing sensitive data is a problem for every organization. Companies therefore need to adopt new generation solutions to streamline data handling across various channels (SaaS apps, Databases, File Shares and legacy/custom tools) and make it compliant with privacy regulations covering requirements like Data Discovery, Classification and DSAR.

These solutions add value from a compliance perspective and provide details about risk posture related to sensitive data use and storage.

This is where Secuvy steps in, offering a next-generation cloud platform that enables companies to automate their data privacy, security, and governance via AI-driven workflows. “Our mission is to help organizations to protect their brand, automate privacy workflows, and improve trust with customers.” says Vaibhav Mehrotra, CEO & Co-Founder of Secuvy.

The company’s AI-enabled workflows and robotic automation platform allow businesses to measure, monitor and mitigate business risks that are most critical to customers privacy and brand reputation. “Secuvy offers a privacy and security platform to help companies on their privacy compliance journey. Our platform provides different privacy modules for becoming GDPR compliant,” mentions Mehrotra. Companies can get better insights into their data protection programs by accessing real-time reports and can implement risk and compliance audits for HIPAA, FINRA, and Privacy Regulations in a matter of hours.

Secuvy’s Data privacy and Security platform helps companies in finding unstructured and structured personal data in a single pane of glass with zero rules/policies. The company’s recommendation engine is the next generation solution in predicting future data risk.
Further, their Data Classification module auto classify data, looking at different data types and building Data Inventory. Secuvy thereby provides easy to use and configure ROPA and DPIA/PIA purpose-built for Data Protection Officers.

The success story of one of their clients’ best exemplifies Secuvy’s value proposition. The customer in question was looking to track sensitive data being shared to third party vendors, finding duplicate files, track stale data. To this end, Secuvy helped them and getting them privacy compliant and resolving data security issues.

Secuvy platform offers various range of products to help companies on their privacy compliance journey. We support all aspects of protecting and working in and around a range of personal data through a variety of modules and workflows

In another instance, a medical device company wanted to track all of COVID data of patients in terms of where, why and how it is stored in different corporate systems, and ultimately build a Data Inventory system to understand the data flows. In another use case Secuvy also helped them in sensitive data deletion with workflows built into the Secuvy platform..

With such success stories under the belt, Secuvy is helping businesses to keep trust, brand reputation and security in place and be privacy compliant. with their customers. In a nutshell, Secuvy is a checkpost for an organization that is looking to address Data Security and Data Privacy issues in this new and evolving area. After all, not having these automated workflows is leading to heavy fines for organizations. “We are committed to innovate and build new workflows and automations in the Privacy compliance and Engineering industry” concluded Mehrotra.


San Ramon, CA

Vaibhav Mehrotra CEO & Co-Founder of Secuvy

Secuvy is a next-generation cloud platform that enables companies to automate their data security, privacy compliance, and governance via AI-driven workflows