Seedwell: Improving Financial Wellness for Happier and Healthier Employees

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Matthew Tsang, Founder & CEO
Matthew Tsang, the founder and CEO of Seedwell, knows what it’s like to help people with financial stress. As a serial entrepreneur, he founded Seedwell after assisting a family member through a financial crisis. This led him to see how so many individuals and employees either don’t have clarity regarding their finances, or procrastinate on financial planning due to its complicated nature.

He converted this understanding into an opportunity to detect and resolve the cause of financial stress at the source. His in-depth research into this matter and interactions with over 200 people led to a common conclusion.

Personal finance is time-consuming, intimidating, and stressful, exacerbating both physical and mental health issues for employees.

Seedwell was formed out of this need to change how society approaches financial wellness and literacy. The company’s financial wellness solutions cater to the needs of employees, employers and other partners such as benefit brokers and consultants, group plan administrators, insurers, HRIS/HRM providers, payroll providers, EAPs, and health and wellness platforms.

With a diverse team, including backgrounds in finance, consulting, corporate development, product engineering, and design, Seedwell produces cutting-edge financial health benefits for their clients. “Seedwell’s mission and vision are to provide financial wellness to users without the requirement of financial literacy,” says Tsang.

While the company supports employees in their financial struggles, they also help employers reduce losses due to employee financial stress. There is growing research on the effects of financial stress, and more companies are waking up to issues with productivity, absenteeism, turnover, and delayed retirements. Seedwell’s employer dashboard also help companies understand statistics, manage enrollment, and see which departments need additional financial wellness solutions.

By leveraging AI and machine learning, the company simplifies the process of understanding information and market trends around personal finance and empowers employees to make smarter decisions. Seedwell then optimizes finances to create multiplier effects resulting in better performance and larger gains than most salary increases.
Seedwell provides holistic financial wellness benefits to employers, enabling employees to improve their financial well-being. The company’s product includes two different parts. The Financial Wellness Portal is geared to provide financial literacy via content produced in-house by financial experts or industry-leading partners. The portal helps them to understand specific aspects of personal finance and investing in their life and decide upon a course of action to attain financial goals. Seedwell’s automation app is powered by an adaptable wealth-building algorithm, with this innovative piece automating personal finance for employees directly from payroll. It collects the income data of the user and solves for decision errors while allocating money to the employee’s accounts to grow wealth. By empowering users to take complete control over their finances, the app also lets employees connect to all their financial institutions simultaneously and get personalized recommendations to maximize their net worth.

Seedwell’s mission and vision are to provide financial wellness to users without the requirement of financial literacy

As a fintech company, Seedwell provides a seamless and userfriendly experience to the end users. The company centralizes all users’ finances and directly connects to different bank accounts through one app, aggregating the entire data in one place. Seedwell works through benefit brokers and partners to provide its solutions as a benefits package for sponsors (employers). Apart from delivering market leading solutions to employers, Seedwell identifies the state of financial needs and wellness within a company and helps drive improvements. The company does not believe in one size fits all notions and caters to all types of employees, regardless of job type, position, or salary. By providing customized solutions to each employee as per their financial need, Seedwell helps make the jump from the traditional payroll experience to a more bespoke financial wellness benefit.

Seedwell motivates users to make the best decisions with their money by taking care of their financial wellness needs in one complete package. With a customized approach to financial literacy, their platforms ensure employees receive recommendations based on the most relevant factors and interests. As a long-term goal, Seedwell aims to make employees happier, healthier, and more productive by removing the burden of financial stress.


Richmond Hill, Ontario, ON, Canada

Matthew Tsang, Founder & CEO

Seedwell provides holistic financial wellness benefits to employers to enable employees to improve their financial well-being.