Seeit Solutions: Leveraging SAP MII for Actionable Insights

Katie Wilson Aulenta, SAP MII Account Executive
The ease of accessibility to insightful business operations data is vital for organizations to stay relevant in today’s dynamic manufacturing space. “If you can’t ‘See it!’ you can’t measure and improve it,” says Katie Wilson Aulenta, SAP MII Account Executive, Seeit Solutions. Katie illustrates the significance of real-time business data, plant floor data and the difficulty in obtaining them from an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. “Companies have lots of potential data in their systems, but lack instantaneous information for decision making,” she states.

Acknowledging the importance of raw data, Seeit delivers solutions by leveraging SAP Manufacturing Intelligence and Integration (MII) and SAP Manufacturing Execution (ME). SAP MII acts as a bridge for plant floor systems and business operations, enabling the customer to gain real time visibility into performance metrics. Being an SAP Service Partner, Seeit emphasizes on deciphering the difficulties in the manufacturing industry by integrating and extending ERP to the plant floor in real time. With its expertise in the manufacturing arena, the company enriches SAP products and surfaces data instantaneously in scoreboards, dashboards, and mobile devices of plant floor systems. “Seeit takes the standard SAP products and architects templates and solutions across many sectors,” says Katie. The firm prioritizes on tracking key manufacturing metrics in relation to Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), energy, and labor among others. With the implementation of SAP MII and SAP ME, Seeit tracks these metrics and enables manufacturers to harness and control their production planning, facility and inventory management, and quality assurance.

While leveraging SAP products to cater to manufacturers, the think tanks at Seeit also focus on research and innovation. “We have rapid deployment solutions leveraging the latest technologies from SAP including UI5, PIC/SSR, mobile, cloud, and HANA,” states Katie.Better understanding of the latest SAP technologies and trends and incorporating them in solutions has benefited Seeit’s clientele immensely. For instance, a client in the life sciences arena conducted an electronic device history for compliance.

We have rapid deployment solutions leveraging the latest technologies from SAP including UI5, PIC/SSR, mobile, cloud, and HANA

“With SAP ME, the client met the compliance requirements and was able to manufacture and ship the products simultaneously,” says Katie.

On another occasion, a food and beverage company implemented solutions built on SAP MII delivered by Seeit. The client found the solution to be a game changer in solving the challenges around scheduling, efficiency, and quality. They also saved about $500,000 per line annually with the real time solution built on SAP MII.

Seeit’s partnership with SAP is steering organizations toward prosperity in the manufacturing space—enabling customers to take data-driven decisions. “The key to measuring a manufacturer’s success is capturing the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in real-time,” says Katie. On the road to provide a clear and instant picture of manufacturing operations, the company maintains its uniqueness in leveraging SAP products with Operational Change Management (OCM) and Pathfinder process.

With Seeit’s emphasis on keeping pace with the upcoming trends, the firm continuously strives to be the global service provider for SAP ME and SAP MII. With a deluge of data being produced by organizations, Seeit envisions the significance of big data for streamlining operations in production plants. “We are working on big data by leveraging HANA and rapidly deployable solutions to help our customers in the manufacturing space obtain desired outcomes,” concludes Katie.

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Katie Wilson Aulenta, SAP MII Account Executive

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