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Jonathan Arfin, CEO
In 2007 when Nike’s Jordan brand decided to jump into interacting directly with customers in hundreds of retailers across the nation, the company knew timing was everything. It was critical to Nike’s interactive initiative that the in-store marketing of the company’s shoe releases was as highly anticipated as the shoes themselves. When a customer walked into the store looking for the re-released Air Jordan IV or or the new Air Jordan 2K9, the content on the interactive systems had to be cutting edge, exciting, always fresh and on point. To meet these essential benchmarks, Nike Jordan brand turned to SeePoint, then a young, upstart kiosk company with the creativity and technical expertise to turn Nike’s cutting edge interactive marketing vision into reality. In addition to supplying all of the Nike branded interactive digital signage which were the platform for the in-store Jumpman marketing campaigns, SeePoint also orchestrated the first ever large scale, nationwide deployment of remotely managed interactive systems. With these remote management services, Nike could relay the designated video presentation, athlete interview and technical information for the Air Jordan 11 Space Jams into hundreds of stores across the country in perfect concert with the shoe release. This same system also allowed the marketing team to add new content at will to continually deepen brand engagement.

Since making a big splash with Nike Jordan, the kiosk and digital signage company has been adding products, partners and services to provide a uniquely comprehensive and flexible array of interactive digital deployment options. Unlike other digital signage solution providers in the market whose fragmented expertise across different areas lead to coordination challenges, SeePoint has emerged as the one stop shop for holistic interactive and digital signage needs. The company takes pride in fostering a strong partner network to deliver flexible, economical and reliable turnkey solutions.

SeePoint has tremendous industry experience and a deep knowledge base that it brings to bear in creating and implementing interactive and digital signage solutions across the U.S. “If a client has dynamic content, then we make sure it quickly gets to the right place in the best manner to garner maximum consumer attention. If a customer needs a particular app or has concerns about protecting the privacy of a user providing confidential information on the system, we have partners and products that can address any need,” says Jonathan Arfin, CEO at SeePoint.

For the Nike Jordan deployment, SeePoint developed a truly seamless platform with optimal software and hardware performance that ties the remote management services to SeePoint’s network operations center. Unlike other players in the market, SeePoint offers monitoring coupled with onsite maintenance and support as well as post deployment network monitoring and content updating services to ensure the optimal performance of a customer’s interactive kiosk or digital signage initiative.

As digital and touch technologies have evolved and dropped in price, SeePoint has recently brought to market a line of cost effective, large format digital signage solutions. SeePoint now offers its DisplayPoint line of digital signage with 21, 43 and 55 inch portrait-mounted LCDs.

If a client has dynamic content, then we make sure it quickly gets to the right place in the best manner to garner maximum consumer attention

Offering high impact at a low cost, these freestanding digital signage totems with a static or multi-touch screen can be outfitted with a number of peripherals, available in different colors and are individually brandable including custom decals or vinyl wraps on every unit. SeePoint is also offering its line of Curve of freestanding digital display solutions. The low cost Curve line features landscape or portrait oriented touch LCDs from 15 up to 43 inches. Curves are a robust, economical digital signage system, suitable for menu boards, wayfinding, restaurant reservations and directories, that are easy for the end user to update. “With our cost-effective plug and play units, the client has the ability to display fresh content all while steering clear of coding or software update hassles,” says Arfin.

When customers started coming to SeePoint needing interactive digital informational, directory and wayfinding applications, SeePoint set out to find the most appropriate software partners to build the right solution. The company identified and partnered with 22Miles and has subsequently deployed lobby directory systems in many of the marquee skyscrapers that make up the downtown Los Angeles skyline as well as a complicated wayfinding solution at Fort Drum, the U.S. Army military reservation in New York and an informational solution for Junior Achievement, the nationwide non profit focused on work-readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills.

SeePoint has also added privacy filter on digital display solutions that are compliant with HIPAA to facilitate applications that require a user’s confidential information be protected. In 2019, the organization has plans to develop economical digital signage units to simplify food ordering, visitor management and corporate security and to roll out a subscription based service model to check the capital expenditures for digital signage solutions by companies of all sizes.


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Jonathan Arfin, CEO

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