Seequelle: Maximizing HCM Investments with Data Integration Services

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Wilfred Gomez, Head of Operations
Today, data is arguably the most vital asset of an organization. Utilizing it properly can bring forth valuable results and drive an organization forward. However, as the amount of data continues to multiply every single day and tends to remain segregated in different silos, the lack of a unified approach to data has become a significant challenge. “Traditionally, when it came to data integration, the focus centered on transferring data from one system to another,” mentions Wilfred Gomez, President of Seequelle. In addition, it is quite evident that most companies don’t possess the required skills and technology for data integration and they don’t have a clear understanding of the underlying processes that can be elemental in adding value to their business. “Our value proposition in that regard lies in the fact that our consultants, while having a firm understanding of the HCM functional domain, are also technical people who are adept in data integration,” adds Gomez. His firm is an Atlanta-based human capital management (HCM) consultation and implementation services provider that aids business leaders in bolstering decision-making by providing them the most pertinent information.

While planning HCM investments, companies often realize the value of a comprehensive HCM solution, which can enhance everything from HR information systems and administration to tracking and recruiting applicants. Nonetheless, most fail to effectively plan, manage, and support the deployment which results in excessive downtime, disappointed employees, and ultimately a failed overall implementation process. Seequelle’s end-to-end services can help avert such scenarios. Its HCM Strategic Consulting service enables organizations to find the right technology that can add value to their business and maximize ROI. The firm’s consulting team analyzes the existing business processes to identify lagging points and subsequently works to optimize them. Next, Seequelle’s Software Implementation service covers all the facets of the software deployment process including project management, upgrades and system audits, solution design and technical development, and post-production changes.

Our value proposition lies in the fact that our consultants, while having a firm understanding of the HCM functional domain, are also technical people who are adept in data integration

The last leg of Seequelle’s service, Systems Integration & Reporting brings forth integration capabilities that can transform organizations and help them to prosper in the market with the most efficient HCM implementation strategies. The service effectively cuts down cost and enables companies to maintain optimum quality standards in all systems. It also allows clients to integrate third-party solutions into their existing infrastructure.

Referring to one of the many successful projects, Gomez speaks of a client that required assistance in complying with new standards set by regulatory bodies. The client’s existent technology was installed years ago, and all of its systems and panels were rendered obsolete in the face of the evolving regulatory landscape. That organization needed an urgent upgrade. “Apart from helping them to meet the stringent regulatory standards, we also aided them in integrating their existing systems with other third-party vendors.”

Seequelle intends to establish relationships with other entities that share similar business objectives and can help it better address market demands. In the days ahead, the firm envisions to enhance its service portfolio. “We continuously pursue the mastering of our craft. By keeping abreast of the latest technology and consulting approaches, we look to ensure our capabilities can meet the evolving needs of our customers,” concludes Gomez.


Atlanta, GA

Wilfred Gomez, Head of Operations

Seequelle consists of a group of consulting professionals specializing in human capital management. The company assists their clients in realizing the full potential of their HCM investments by enabling the clients to further maximize their return on investment in Dayforce by ensuring their solution evolves with their business through our post-implementation consulting services, and providing the clients insight to the implementation process through their HCM consulting services to ensure a successful deployment of the solution. Seequelle also helps leaders make critical business decisions by providing relevant information through their reporting and integration services