Seertech Solutions: Meeting the Needs of Many Oracle learning Customers

Paul Hardwick, CEO & Founder It is but a fact that in the present era, customers have difficulty fully leveraging their investment in the technology. With Oracle's now extensive product range, getting advice on what HCM clients should do in the future can sometimes be confusing for clients. The key questions include - Cloud versus On-Premises, do they move to Fusion now, or wait for Fusion to mature more, what is the long term plan for Peoplesoft/ EBS? There is no standard solution path from Oracle, which could provide some confusion on long term directions for its customers. In addition to these obstacles, moving the operating focus of IT teams, to the Cloud, also presents some challenges for companies who have invested heavily in legacy support systems for their current highly customized onpremise solutions.

The latest encumbrances does leave a potential customer, navigating the complex Oracle landscape, looking for services providers to help with consulting, implementation, and support.But in the Learning and Development segment this help is not far away, and in this case comes by the name of Seertech Solutions, a much focused Oracle iLearning Solution provider.
Why Seertech? “As part of the Oracle Business Process Services (BPS) partnership we are able to provide innovative options on top of the existing Oracle Learning solution and then wrap it up with a full end to end cloud hosting, implementation, support and consulting service using pricing.

“A key strength of Seertech’s offering is that we fit in this long-term strategy of Oracle regarding Fusion HCM. We’re fully integrated, in the current relatively immature Fusion product, as our product is mature and based on over 10 years development customer usage.”

By being only focused on Learning, the firm is able to innovate with customers, across many key industries segments, providing tangible, ‘real world’ benefits to clients that enable them to leverage true value from their solution. An added benefit of their cloud model is that the Seertech team shares these innovations and best practices available to all current and future clients, to ensure. They are fully leveraging their investment for their industry and strategic needs.

People will want to work with a vibrant, healthy company that generates success through the way it works with the client, not just through what it has delivered in the past, and should be willing to challenge the status-quo and help customers look at new ways of working to achieve goals – not just regurgitate old ideas to solicit consulting dollars.
Seertech is the personification of the above ideologies and an example of their excellent service is their decade long partnership with Ingersoll-Rand, a US based Diversified Industrial, and recently won silver at the Brandon Hall awards for Best Learning Strategy & Governance. Seertech has walked hand in hand with Ingersoll-Rand through their learning journey helping leverage many internal and external learning initiatives managed by the iLearning PLUS LMS solution to save money internally, support their own employees in their roles, and generate more money and brand differentiation with their external training to partners distributors.

The Road Ahead

Seertech has spent over 10 years evolving their cloud technology, Oracle iLearning software extensions, product depth and Learning Solution expertise. “We now believe, and have proven through our customer success and numerous global awards, that it is world leading solution and we are looking into a bright future with rapid expansion in EMEA and the US,” adds Paul. The large size and global, complex nature of customers that the firm is acquiring and servicing is testament to the recognition of Seertech as a global, experienced and capable player in the LMS marketplace.

Seertech Solutions

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Paul Hardwick, CEO & Founder

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