Seisan: Reinventing Geospatial Technology

Charles Durham, President
Tracking assets have always been a challenge, although it is easier to track the GPS location of an address or a vehicle that is relocating or transporting it. Traditionally, the only way to make sure whether the right asset has been picked and delivered was to actually be present on the site, which might not always be possible. Against this background, Seisan has brought forth a suite of geospatial solutions that comprise web mapping, GPS empowered asset tracking, and indoor mapping to provide a seamless asset marking and transportation experience.

To enhance asset protection, Seisan partnered with Verizon Location Services and created an indoor mapping technology to evaluate the position of assets within a building. “We are working with cell signals and networks such as the WiFi, access points, Bluetooth, BLE, and ultra-wideband to understand the positioning of indoor assets. We have added floor plans to the indoor maps and are utilizing Earth’s geomagnetic footprint to create an accurate map and enhanced visibility,” states Charles Durham, President of Seisan.

One of the elemental functionalities that Seisan offers is its utilization of IoT devices to mark assets while relocating. With the help of indoor mapping, the progress and movement of the assets from inside the site to a vehicle are tracked through a mobile solution. This helps the end-users know how their assets are being handled, which assets have been picked up, its condition during transportation, and where they have been delivered. It also helps clients to track the progress of their service technicians and delivery fleets as well as provide compliance services to the end-customer during invoicing. The data from the IoT device can be utilized to reconcile with the technician’s reports in case of mismanagement.

With an experience of over two decades in the geospatial arena, Seisan’s enterprise-grade fleet tracking GPS setup has enabled clients across sectors to keep an account of their vehicles and track mileage to prevent misuse. The fleet tracking system takes into account the traffic, routing interface, and historical travel patterns to provide an arrival time.

We are working with cell signals and networks such as the WiFi, access points, Bluetooth, BLE, and ultra-wideband to understand the positioning of indoor assets

But in case the vehicle is delayed, Seisan’s clients are alerted, which in turn enables them to notify their end-customer about the difference in arrival. This immensely improves customer satisfaction, increases profitability, and reduces the cost of reparation. Seisan has also filled the security gap within the geospatial platform by providing secure data services to prevent breaches.

The constant innovative thinking of the Seisan team is highlighted in a scenario shared by Durham, where a large car rental company—Hertz—was in search of a fleet tracking technology that would help them keep track of their luxury vehicle line. In 2006, Seisan was brought into the scene and they engineered a security tracking and monitoring system and attached it to all the vehicles. Seisan essentially applied IoT, when the technology was just in its beginning stage, custom built back-end software, and a secure web administration system. The end solution provided Hertz with a tailored tracking strategy to prevent mismanagement and decrease expenditure. “The longevity of our geospatial expertise compounded with the evolving concepts of IoT and the lessons that we learned, helped us improve tracking and security for Hertz,” explains Durham.

Having achieved exponential growth in the commercial market, Seisan is expanding its business by offering innovative geospatial technologies to federal and state government agencies. “Our biggest advantage is our dexterous and versatile team of web developers, geospatial and mobile development experts that are focused on understanding the client’s needs to provide them with the right solution,” concludes Durham.


Lancaster, PA

Charles Durham, President

Provides enterprise-level indoor mapping and asset and fleet tracking solutions to reduce the cost of reparation, improve end-customer satisfaction, and increase profitability