Selerity: Smart SAS-based Solution Adoption for Smart Decisions

Anthony Bishop, Managing Partner, Business Development
In the business landscape, the sheer volume of data serves as both boon and bane for companies—driving them towards technology to make informed business decisions and execute effective business strategies. SAS based tools and solutions for business intelligence, data management and predictive analytics exist to alleviate the burden of this disorderly influx of data. However, in the market space, there are very few experienced SAS service providers to facilitate companies to churn out and retrieve data to perform meaningful statistical analysis. Also, a majority of the existing consulting companies lack the adequate man-power resources needed to achieve business success and profitability. In addition, customers that seek SAS services frequently witness a long gap between software and hardware installation and their deployment for every day functions owing to an array of internal reasons. Selerity, an Australian-based exclusive consulting partner to SAS was founded with the vision to alleviate these challenges and enable companies to quickly adopt software and leverage technology. “Selerity means ‘swiftness of movement’ and our organization is named for its unique approach in helping customers get up and running very quickly in a matter of days, not months, by hosting SAS software in the cloud and offering SAS Administration services,” says Anthony Bishop, Managing Partner, Business Development, Selerity.

Selerity is a founding member of the SAS Cloud Innovation Council, being the first SAS partner in the world to offer SAS solutions deployed and managed within Amazon Web Services. Unlike its counterparts, the company operates beyond the capacity of a traditional consulting firm with SAS and Amazon Web Services as its only software vendor and cloud platform providers. “Our team of SAS experts and consultants has experience and a deep acumen of what works best and always work to figure out new ways to make technology more efficient and SAS software more befitting to clients’ needs,” adds Bishop. This ability has magnanimously contributed in building a long-standing association with its clientele from the banking, insurance, research, education, transport and public sectors.
Selerity’s service areas are broadly divided into SAS Hosted Analytics, SAS Consulting and SAS Administration. Across these three areas, Selerity has the resources to provide their clients with an end-to-end solution from the initial architecture, software deployment, data cleaning and modeling, reporting, analytics and administration as well as user training. Selerity’s specialist team calibrates their respective services in a way that transcends into the easy and intelligent adoption of SAS software. “Some of the smaller companies we have worked with have benefited greatly from the unique capabilities of SAS Visual Analytics. Our product and service portfolio encompasses deploying and managing the SAS environment, consulting, and user training. This ensures an increase in business value to our customers by getting into the more analytical side of their data quicker,” mentions Bishop.

Selerity’s specialist administration, consulting and analytics team calibrate their respective services in a way that transcends into the easy and intelligent adoption of SAS software

In one instance, Selerity helped a research company with SAS specific tools at low ownership cost, to deal with the tumultuous inflow of sensitive healthcare information to analyze treatments and research that may lead to identifying a cure for cancer. Success stories and case studies such as this stand as a testament to the company’s constructive approach in assuring customers get desired outcomes.

“We are a small company surrounded by other large corporations who may well be our competition, but using our expertise and thorough understanding of SAS technology, we plan to introduce new products in the coming months,” exclaims Bishop. Having already navigated into the world market, Selerity plans to proceed as one of the leading providers of managed services for hosted analytics, data management and customization of SAS technology.



Anthony Bishop, Managing Partner, Business Development and Michael Dixon, Managing Partner, Technical

Service provider of SAS consulting, hosted analytics and SAS administration for SAS-basedproducts and business analytics solutions.