Self Care Catalysts: Driving HealthCare through Real-World Evidence

Grace Castillo-Soyao, Founder & CEO
Today, 90 percent of healthcare management activities are performed outside of the clinical setting. In many cases, care providers and clinicians lack the ability to track these activities which ultimately affect patient health outcomes. To bridge this gap, Toronto-based firm Self Care Catalysts provides an integrated, end to end technology platform that generates patient-centered real-world evidence (RWE) through a combination of patients’ behavioral patterns, and other patient healthcare transactions building a comprehensive story and timeline of their health.

The rise of digital health adoption, healthcare consumerization, and data democratization are some of the driving factors in an emerging movement towards the promotion of autonomous ownership over patient data.

Self Care Catalysts’ platform includes Health Storylines, Provider Storylines and Patient Storylines. Health Storylines is a customizable mobile health platform for patients to manage their health. The application contains several self-care and disease management tools based on diagnosed conditions and comorbidities. Health Storylines monitors the patient’s journey, various dimensions of their Quality of Life, the burden of illness and treatment experiences of each patient.

Complementing Health Storylines is the Self Care Movement, a community platform that motivates patients to connect and share health-related information within their shared communities by participating in Behavior Sprints/Self Care Challenges, relevant to their health conditions. “Patients can take a more proactive approach to self-care, improving their QoL by being aware of health issues, getting peer support and establishing personal and team accountability,” says Grace Castillo-Soyao, Founder and CEO of Self Care Catalysts.

Another key element of the firm’s RWE platform is Provider Storylines, a web-based application that facilitates collection of patient reported outcomes (PRO) as a supplement to Randomized Clinical Trials. Providers can perform various interventions for patients, whether it be for clinical use or observational trials, pushing behavior-centric interventions to test behavior change campaigns.

The clinical data is de-identified, aggregated and collected into the enterprise decision-making tool called Patient Storylines.

The creation of patient-generated health behavior information will spell the difference between solutions created inside the clinical setting and those where patients took an active role in designing the intervention. Data and intelligence from empowered patient will provide a more holistic platform to deliver true personalized healthcare

The insights gained are utilized to inform decisions of various healthcare stakeholders such as patients, providers, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare systems.

Pharma companies leverage Self Care Catalyst’s platform for product lifecycle management, enabling both clinical trial and commercial activities. The platform employs natural language processing to organize unstructured text data collected from patient journals based on categories and themes specific to predetermined research objectives, further impacting clinical analysis.

“Our platform also enables the pharmaceutical industry to supplement their ability to gather patient intelligence and insights from unique behavior data that can be used for risk management in drug development and commercialization, patient engagement during/post clinical trials, as supporting evidence for Health Technology Assessment and Market Access/ Reimbursement.

In the near future, the firm intends to continue leveraging Artificial Intelligence to provide more advanced insights and guidance to patients enabling them to engage in independent research or collaborate more with their providers to manage their health. “We are expanding our capabilities to integrate with other devices for garnering more data while also looking to work alongside pharmacies and health retailers as data partners,” Grace concludes.

Self Care Catalysts

Toronto, ON

Grace Castillo-Soyao, Founder & CEO

A healthcare IT company that derives value from mapping human health behavior patient-centered RWE to inform critical decisions of patients, providers, payers and pharmaceutical companies that will impact QoL and health outcomes

Self Care Catalysts