Selsoft Inc: Reinstating Legacy Systems with Google Technology

Pushban Rajaiyan, Founder
Expanding the company’s footprint across various geographic locations is one among the top diverse growth strategies followed by several CEOs. During the journey of expansion, legacy systems and technologies are also often ferried with them to the other branches. This in turn hinders the growth of the firm in multiple ways. A Dallas based Property management firm endured a similar issue, where their headquarters was unable to easily transverse information to their global offices, as the emails were functioning through Microsoft office. Struck with such a challenge, the company was looking for powerful means to share information. Selsoft, a consulting services firm suggested the crew to move the entire Office suite into Google apps to overcome the challenges with their traditional email. Within a short span of time, the client’s documents, and entire operation processes successfully were shifted to Google Apps. This not only enhanced efficiency in communications, but the Google centric systems rapidly increased the productivity at the same time.

With many such success stories under their belt, Selsoft helps the mid size firms with appropriate products that are capable of transforming the way they collaborate and work. “While working as a developer and project manager, I was brought into realities of the lack of a centralized technology in small and mid size businesses,” states Pushban Rajaiyan, Founder, Selsoft. Intrigued by this, he spearheaded the development of Selsoft to provide solutions that are capable of bridging the technology gap.

As certified reseller of Google Apps, Selsoft provides customized services to migrate existing email service through Google Apps Premier Edition solution. This provides enterprises with more efficient business communication and operations at a low cost. For instance, Google Apps premier edition offers cost-effective benefits to companies by replacing exchange server related hardware, software, and supporting IT resources. Further, Google Doc ensures timely access with appropriate information to personnel located at different places, complemented with a powerful email service with sufficient storage space that assures secure transportation of data.

We thrive on our customer satisfaction by providing efficient solutions on time and within budget

Further features like Gmail, GTalk and Calendar help enhance the entire enterprise ecosystem. “Users also feel very secure while sending information via Google Apps as the path is safe and web access is managed with robust security,” says Rajaiyan. The process of conversion from the legacy systems to Google is performed through a contractual approach. This in turn creates a good beginning at the first stage of collaboration for Selsoft and creates a path to grow along with the client’s support in the market.

Apart from that, Selsoft provides a Property Management system titled TrackMe. It is designed to simplify the day-to-day operations associated with real estate domain. This solution keeps a track on issues pertaining to property operations such as lease, rental and ownership, and notifies the owners on the queries that are submitted by tenants via emails.

Selsoft evolved from a handful of employees and has risen to the heights of recognition in a short span of time. Partnering with some of the leading technology companies across the globe, Selsoft caters to the needs of the IT industry with cloud computing based applications, enterprise planning and Software-as-a- Service for efficient environments. “We thrive on our customer satisfaction by providing efficient solutions on time and within budget,” asserts Rajaiyan. Selsoft's integrity is most valued by their clients in every aspect of business collaborations and work. Looking forward, the company desires to pursue with their fleet of services and create a niche identity among the contenders in the long run.

Selsoft Inc


Pushban Rajaiyan, Founder

An IT consulting services provider offering cloud based and cost-effective solutions for business communications.