SEN Technologies: Empowering the Customer with the Freedom Cloud

Joe Mikitish, Opertions Manager & Co-Owner
With today's competitive business world, it is important to maximize productivity. Whether it is a laptop, desktop, iPad, or Android device, employees should be able to access their business applications, on a cloud hosted virtual desktop, and be as efficient, or more, as they are in front of their work PC. This flexibility increases productivity for employees and IT departments alike. Employees are free to work on any device, anywhere in the office, at home, or while traveling. SEN Technologies is leading the way forward by providing this unique cloud hosted virtual desktop solution, called the Freedom Cloud.

After moving business applications and data to the Freedom Cloud, SEN Technologies can help manage or hand over management to the business. Time to deploy new software and apply software updates is greatly reduced, and systems are maintained and backed up, all while running securely in fully audited data centers.

About the SEN Technologies' Freedom Cloud

SEN Technologies was started in 2005 by Joe & Mike Mikitish with the goal of creating a company built around Fortune 50 engineers. The focus on engineers, with a Fortune 50 background and strong customer service skills, has led SEN to develop cloud solutions and more efficient management of technology. This exceptional team has designed the Freedom Cloud with Fortune 50 level redundancies and efficiencies.

Since 2005, SEN's transition to a cloud computing solutions provider has mirrored technology advances and customer demand for cloud resources.
Implementing the best technology practices, with strong engineering talent, SEN has positioned the Freedom Cloud to focus on customer business goals, growth and efficiency.

Users can access their cloud hosted virtual desktop from any Windows PC, desktop or laptop, or any Apple product, iPhone, iPad or Mac, or Android device including any tablet. "You can even connect with a Google Chromebook running Google Chrome Operating System. Users will have access to the same cloud hosted virtual desktop regardless of the device they are using, including smart phones. Depending on the IT needs, management of the cloud hosted virtual desktops is either controlled by the business or managed by SEN Technologies’ engineers," says Joe. "It is control that lets you add, change, or remove cloud hosted virtual desktops as you need them."

In 2013 SEN Technologies announced a new disaster recovery and business continuity offering. A business can now clone their entire server environment to the Freedom Cloud. Any changes to the servers are replicated real-time, and in the event of any disaster, from a crashed server to a hurricane, SEN Technologies can boot up the cloned servers in the Freedom Cloud, ensuring the customer stays up and running. This low cost solution offers much more than just data backups; It's true business continuity.

SEN Technologies operates in secure, managed data centers. Operating in disaster free Boise, Idaho, has reduced SEN Technologies' overhead with the lowest power costs in the nation. Boise also offers a strong talent pool and family centered community.

SEN Technologies

Meridian, Idaho

Joe Mikitish, Opertions Manager & Co-Owner and Mike Mikitish, Business Manager & Co-Owner

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