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Jim Franklin, CEO
SendGrid’s genesis dates back to Isaac Saldana’s time as a student at the University of California,Riverside, where he met Tim Jenkins and Jose Lopez, the three eventual co-founders of the company. After collaborating on a few different projects, they ultimately decided to design a service that would prevent emails from getting lost or stuck in the spam box. Email has always been the standard for online communication and is by far the world’s number one customer engagement tool. But successful delivery of email is not an easy task. It is estimated that 20 percent of all legitimate emails never reach the inbox. This is where SendGrid delivers true value by providing technology solutions that dramatically increase the deliverability of email.

Headquartered in Boulder, CO, SendGrid is a cloud-based email service that helps clients communicate and engage with their customers, through transactional email channels. SendGrid has built a trusted, globally-distributed cloud service that successfully delivers over 13 billion emails each month. To date, the company has sent over 200 billion emails representing 2 percent of global non-spam email traffic.

The company SaaS email service is unique in its scalability, reliability and support. All of the company’s solutions are based upon SendGrid’s proprietary email infrastructure platform, which it controls at the source code level. A man of vast experience, Jim Franklin, the CEO of SendGrid says, “Our analytics does all the tracking and lets the client know where people are opening their email and what type of devices they are using—whether it is iphone, android, tablet or a PC.”Acting as a moderator between its clients and their customers, SendGrid prevents emails from missing or going into the spam, inevitably building stronger relationships between clients and their customers.

SendGrid can scale to over one billion emails per customer, per month

SendGrid’s partnership with Microsoft Azure allows customers to easily build, deploy and manage applications with SendGrid enabled as an add-on service available through the Azure Store. The ‘TLS encryption’ ensures the security of email delivery while ‘real-time data’ allow the clients to categorize campaigns and track statistics. The company also provides 24/7 livecustomer support that ensures customer satisfaction.

The flexible email platform has garnered SendGrid many clients including companies like Pinterest, Spotify and Uber. Among them, the success story of Listia, an auction company well describes the efficiency of SenGrid’s solution. Listia provides a platform where people can buy and sell spare items and can bid through credits, not real money. The company was facing troubles with improper email deliveries that ultimately led to lack of engagement among community and interferences in users’ trade.

Listia turned to SendGrid to solve their deliverability problems on three fronts – infrastructure, expertise and metrics. By implementing the SendGrid solution, they instantly gained access to a platform that was not only scalable to their growth, but whose infrastructure and tools inherently addressed deliverability health. SendGrid’s dashboard allowed them to instantly see where their trouble spots were in an actionable way, but with 20 percent of their email being blocked, they needed to act quickly. To start, the SendGrid team helped Listia implement key email best practices to improve their delivery success rates.

Franklin believes happy employees are a key component for a vibrant and healthy company. “SendGrid places a strong emphasis on our award-winning company culture and we strive to create a work environment that inspires our employees and ultimately radiates in their performance.”

Addressing SendGrid’s future roadmap, Franklin says, “We look forward continued customer growth, developing new partnerships and on delivering complimentary solutions for developers to help them be more productive.”


Boulder, CO

Jim Franklin, CEO

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