SenseOne Technologies: Innovating Internet of Things in Buildings

Yannis Thedoropoulos, CEO
The Internet of Things (IoT) has been changing the way businesses make decisions and every organization needs to leverage its possible benefits from the IoT because data driven decisions lead to cost savings. CIOs are realizing that IoT goes beyond monitoring and control, changing the DNA of ‘things.’ As a result, they need to define a roadmap and acquire the right skills in order to start the IoT journey. SenseOne Technologies builds that strong foundation to help CIOs make IoT projects happen by offering device-agnostic solutions that boost operational efficiency. “SenseOne has been empowering customers with buildingSense, a Software as a Service (SaaS) that addresses the challenges of monetizing buildings’ resource efficiency,” says Yannis Theodoropoulos, CEO, SenseOne. The company has the technology know-how and business expertise to fuse context from multiple systems and devices regardless of the manufacturer or communication protocol. Currently, the company’s IoT portfolio includes software applications for buildings—buildingSense—and water resources management—hydroSense.

According to Theodoropoulos, IoT is about enabling intelligent interactions between heterogeneous and/or homogeneous ‘things’ that generate context. “The technological challenge is to develop context-aware applications that can either trigger event-based reactions and/or predict future behaviors based on processed context,” explains Theodoropoulos. “The design of our IoT offerings aims at enabling actions and responses in an automated manner by using our proprietary SenseOne Application Programming Interface (API).” SenseOne API enables the fusion of primary context generated by ‘things’ with the data stored in Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), HR, billing, and retail systems.

The company’s applications are built on the proprietary SenseOne platform that uses a standard web browser to access, control, and analyze data streams. Their flagship product, buildingSense, is a portfolio-level metering and monitoring SaaS that allows for centralized tracking, analysis, and visual presentation of a building’s resources efficiencies/inefficiencies. Moreover, a dashboard customization tool is present at the core of buildingSense to enable a fully personalized monitoring and control experience. buildingSense offers a set of pre-configured queries to perform dynamic real-time analysis of a building portfolio— building’s rankings by resources efficiency potential and usage pattern comparisons in relation to baseline scenarios. This in turn results in a continuous process that allows decision-making based on historical and real-time resources usage patterns.

IoT goes beyond monitoring and control, changing the DNA of ‘things’. Therefore, we much value and seek synergies as a vehicle to deliver a superior customer experience

buildingSense simplifies the identification of the root cause of inefficient resource usage by running Cause-Effect analysis for every mouse click using preconfigured charts and tables. Another feature of buildingSense is the capability to fuse data streams of energy consumption with energy production from building-integrated renewable technologies. “Our approach is to offer specific solutions to definite target groups given that ‘one size does not fit all,’” asserts Theodoropoulos. “Therefore, we much value and seek synergies as a vehicle to deliver a superior customer experience.” The company’s IoT solution helps leading food and non-food retailers, malls, and commercial banks in South East Europe to optimize resources usage across their building portfolios by sensing and processing context from business critical equipments such as Lighting, Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), IT and non-IT assets, and discovering inefficiencies by monitoring processes round the clock.

SenseOne’s value proposition is built on the convergence and vertical specialization to enable fusion of heterogeneous data silos with easy deployment, by using ready-to-run repeatable algorithms and workflows. “Our product roadmap includes IoT applications for electric vehicles (evSense), contract farming (agroSense), energy efficient vessels (vesselSense), and smart cities (citySense). We are currently in discussions with IoT ecosystems that can offer sales synergies in primary technology markets,” concludes Theodoropoulos.

SenseOne Technologies

Athens, Greece

Yannis Thedoropoulos, CEO

IoT solutions for providing a personalized, real time monitoring and control experience of any smart device by applying data streaming techniques up to one second intervals.