Sentact: Silver Bullet for Healthcare Rounding Workflow Transformation

Chris Dube, COO
“Data consolidation and a great user experience are essential in the healthcare workflow arena,” begins Chris Dube, COO at Sentact. Healthcare organizations deploy multiple systems to perform rounds and collect information to improve safety, quality, and satisfaction. However, the practice serves as an impediment in integrating workflows and data. In this environment, Chicago, IL based Sentact bridges the market chasm through its solutions Sentact Rounding and SentactOnDemand to improve patient experience, ensure safety, and regulatory compliances. “When working with our clients, Sentact is able to capture seemingly random information and create action and trend data to drive change,” states Dube.

In its pursuit to integrate processes and data, Sentact has incorporated technological trends like cloud and mobility to ensure the best user experience across the continuum of care. The firm leverages its years of experience in healthcare and IT and discerns client needs and regulatory requirements to build customized, comprehensive, and data driven rounding solutions. In-depth industry research and feedback from CIHQ, TJC, and DNV accredited clients are crucial factors in developing business intelligent solutions. “We have been developing sophisticated workflow to offer a comprehensive rounding solution for requirements like Environment of Care (EOC) and leadership rounds since 2002,” asserts Dube.

Sentact recognizes the significance of data in redefining healthcare processes and its SentactRounding empowers users with an extensive database. “We provide our clients with over 3,000 rounding questions that mirror TJC and other regulatory requirements, as well as best practices for improving safety and increasing satisfaction,” states Dube. “The data collected during rounds helps to drive process improvements across the healthcare network.” Sentact collaborates with healthcare networks to create rounds based on best practices and regulatory requirements specific to their accreditation needs and allows them to gather critical information and create action to improve. In its bid to improve processes throughout the care delivery system, Sentact automates the issue resolution process from identification, to assignment, through completion of the task. Priority, department, employee skill level, and workload decide the accountable personnel for issue resolution. “Our objective is to help our clients streamline their rounding process and in doing that, making those rounds purposeful by ensuring that issues found are efficiently corrected and each step is measured to drive continuous improvement,” states Dube.

Sentact provides the single point of contact for hospital on-demand and rounding workflow needs

SentactRounding automatically generates notifications and escalates those notifications to avoid delays in issue resolution. “Sentact uses powerful workflow automation to eliminate manual steps and processes to allow caregivers more bedside time with their patients,” says Dube. With SentactIntelligence users can harness the data garnered through rounds and on-demand issue resolution to generate reports meeting the varied requirements of healthcare organizations. “Using analytics, users can generate custom reports selecting from managed sources to visualize data in intuitive ways,” says Dube. “Dashboards help users to monitor key data and performance indicators.”

In one of the implementation highlights, Northwestern Medicine sought reduction in Full Time Equivalent (FTE) and expenditure. After deploying Sentact’s solution, the client could automate and expedite the process of complaint resolution. The client could gain rich patient insights and perfect the decision making process. Eventually, the client repurposed4 FTEs while processing more than 360,000 requests within a year alongside reducing expenditure in internal service support.

“Our long-term approach has allowed us to continue to innovate and invest in our clients’ success,” says Dube. The company invests significant capital and efforts to enhance its product line that addresses business challenges and regulatory requirement changes such as TJC’s SAFER scoring. Sentact looks forward to increase its presence in the U.S. healthcare arena and foray into the markets of Canada and Europe. “In our endeavor to innovate and improve our product line continually, we are developing intelligent rounding models specific to situations such as defined patient traits or the immediate environment to maximize resources,” concludes Dube.


Chicago, IL

Chris Dube, COO

Provides rounding solutions to improve safety, regulatory compliance, and patient satisfaction