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Roman Gruzdev, CEO and Founder Managed service providers (MSPs) are the answer to the increasing demand for efficient IT maintenance and resilient cybersecurity infrastructure. The need for MSPs has gained a renewed focus in the aftermath of the pandemic, with businesses exposed to new cyber threats. The responsibility is upon firms to upgrade their cybersecurity measures to navigate the evolving cyber threats and cloud landscape.

Sequentur supports organizations in their efforts to secure critical IT infrastructure with robust and reliable managed cybersecurity and cloud services. Its services ensure business continuity and growth for a global client base of mid-market and enterprise customers. Specializing in Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365 and Citrix, Sequentur delivers a white-glove experience to all clients.

There are numerous communication and collaboration tools in the industry, especially from Microsoft. However, most MSPs focus on technology rather than customization and integration. They do not have proper training programs to educate users on the use of newly deployed software.

“At Sequentur, we ensure users under our care are expertly trained to use the software and leverage its true benefits,” says Roman Gruzdev, chief executive officer and founder of Sequentur.

One-Stop Shop for All IT Needs

While providing expert IT services, Sequentur focuses on building partnerships with clients and working together to determine the best solution. It takes into account the client’s policies and procedures, organizational structure and business drivers to ensure the proposed solution is tailored to their needs.

Sequentur utilizes a proactive approach to securing business data and offers a 24/7 Help Desk with remote and on-site support provided by its U.S. based network and security operations center. It also provides clients with cybersecurity, disaster recovery solutions and ideal backup measures to protect them from ransomware, phishing and other attacks to ensure business continuity.

Sequentur assesses clients’ systems and takes actions proactively to ensure they can continue operating even if there is a cyberattack or a lockout by ransomware.
Its business continuity checklist includes supplies, documentation, access, security policies, equipment, the location of data backups and backup sites.

Projects at Sequentur begin with a thorough assessment of the challenges faced by the client. After gathering the required information, Sequentur’s team of experts analyzes the requirements and recommends the best-suited solution. Through regular communication, Sequentur ensures the solution fits the client’s budget and organizational structure so they can accomplish their goals and missions with greater ease.

“At Sequentur, we not only manage any and all of our clients IT needs expertly and efficiently, but we also go above and beyond by training our clients on how to use their computers”

In one instance, Sequentur’s services were solicited by an organization that focuses on fostering First Amendment freedoms for everyone. To continue working toward theirmission in today’s digital world, the client had to update their IT infrastructure. Sequentur stepped in and helped them transition from on-premise servers to a fast and secure cloud-based Microsoft solution. This turned out to be a lifesaver for them during the pandemic by allowing customers to work from anywhere.

In another instance, Sequentur’s team of highly talented engineers proved indispensable to a client facing significant challenges with their IT infrastructure. The high-end robotics manufacturer was growing rapidly through mergers and acquisitions. Leveraging Sequentur’s services, they could keep their IT infrastructure optimized and lightning-fast while ensuring quick onboarding of new companies.

Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

Exceptional customer satisfaction is at the heart of every service Sequentur offers. It takes great pride in its exceptional customer service record, registering nearly a 100 percent customer satisfaction rate. If a client is unsatisfied for any reason, the team spares no expense in improving the service and giving the client what they expect and deserve.

Unlike most companies that operate with a contact center based outside the U.S., Sequentur leverages its team of cybersecurity experts and specialized engineers by strategically placing them around the country (U.S.) to provide top-notch services. The experienced staff ensures a tier-three response to even a tier-one ticket.

When a support ticket is opened, Sequentur identifies the significance of the problem faced by the customer— from something like a simple faulty printer to a complex configuration issue—and assigns the appropriate engineer to assist them. After every ticket is closed, customers receive an optional survey to rate Sequentur’s service and provide feedback, similar to an Amazon shopping experience.
In a world where organizations continuously change their MSPs, Sequentur remains the preferred choice for clients.

Lasting Success that Stems from a Brilliant Team

Sequentur is an Inc. 5,000 company, SOC2 compliant and a Microsoft Gold Partner that has received multiple awards as one of the top 50 MSPs in the world. Its cybersecurity experts are second to none, equipping Sequentur to handle all the security needs of its clients.

Sequentur’s motto is: “We’ll ensure you’re secure and operating smoothly by either becoming your entire IT department or working with your existing IT team to strengthen expertise and manpower.”

Gruzdev’s philosophy has always been, "To make IT an efficiency tool that enables stability and growth for our clients, versus being an overhead expense. We keep our clients up and running and secure, so they can focus on their core values and missions."

We'll ensure you're secure and operating smoothly by either becoming your entire IT department or working with your existing IT team to strengthen expertise and manpower

Leveraging his extensive expertise in security and technology, Gruzdev plays a vital role in predicting future trends in the cybersecurity and MSP world and continues to take the Managed IT Services space to new milestones with every step.

A top-notch MSP is in great need today as new cyberattacks emerge around the clock and Sequentur is always there to keep clients safe and help thwart them before it’s too late. Due to the liability of lacking security features for on-premise IT solutions, Sequentur is ready to enlighten clients and deliver the cloud-based security solutions they will need moving forward.

“Our main goal as an MSP is to protect customers from being hacked and have predictable, smooth-running IT. My advice to all companies is to stay vigilant and hire the right professionals to get the job done,” says Gruzdev.


Clearwater, FL

Roman Gruzdev, CEO and Founder

Offering managed security services, cybersecurity services, and managed cloud services, Sequentur ensures business continuity and growth for its global client base of mid-market and enterprise customers. While providing white glove outsourced IT services, Sequentur focuses on building partnerships with clients and working together to determine the best solution for them