Serenova: Deeper Insights for Operational Excellence

John Lynch, CEO
In this age of the customer, the contact center as a value creator can truly transform the customer experience. Amidst this transformation, the need is to deliver a true omnichannel experience for customers. As trendsetters in the contact center arena, Serenova offers a unique, cloud-based, robust, and reliable platform, CxEngage that drives deeper insights and rich customer experiences anywhere anytime. “Our solution captures the entire customer journey from the first touch to contact resolution—all while enabling seamless conversational continuity,” says John Lynch, CEO of Serenova.

The team at Serenova stands behind their value proposition of API first technology when delivering an omnichannel experience. Unique to the organization are the well-documented APIs that enable easy integration with other CRM systems like Salesforce or Zendesk as well as workforce optimization tools such as Teleopti, Verint, and Calabrio.“Every service on our platform has an API that our customers can write to,” adds Lynch.

As part of their omnichannel experience, Serenova provides an agent experience that best matches the business requirements–a standalone desktop with CRM functionality; integrations to the most-used CRM solutions; or the option to build your own integrated or standalone environment. Providing a single workspace for agents to talk, text, chat, and message customers— all with embedded customer contact management, journey mapping, scripting, and performance statistics, which ensures the contact center runs at maximum performance and allows for continual guidance each and every day.

In order to garner actionable insights, the company has designed a solution known as Scoreboard. It aggregates agent data from disparate systems to provide insights into contact centers’ operations to the supervisors and executives.

Founded as a BPO in 2000, Serenova has aggregated more than 20 terabytes of data over the course of 18 years that is being tapped in to build predictive models. “We have a jumpstart to that required aggregation of data to build a robust use case driven artificial intelligence solution in the future,” says Lynch.

We have a jumpstart on the required aggregation of data to build a robust, use case driven artificial intelligence solution

With a rich expertise in the contact center space, Serenova has been the one untying the Gordian knot for several organizations and one such instance is of a large, global organization in the higher education space that outsources its activities to three BPOs globally with agents based in 27 different countries. Each site scales in size from as little as three to as many as 1000 agents. Their challenge was to scale up at a moment’s notice and to address the spike in admission related calls during the peak academic season in August and September. Serenova resolved their challenge to scale up and scale out globally while taking into account the seasonal spikes through their always-on, highly secure, true multi-tenant and instantly scalable platform hosted on AWS. “We take great pride in the low-cost, quick deployment in getting a customer live in a global footprint,” extols Lynch.

What best describes the company’s platform, CxEngage is that it is quick to deploy, easy to integrate, scalable and reliable and running on 100 percent uptime. The company leverages microservices that bring great velocity when introducing new features and functionality to the platform as opposed to waiting for quarterly or annual releases.

As for future plans, with an extended presence in across EMEA, Australia and a large development center in San Salvador, the company is growing expediently adding engineering resources. Furthermore, the acquisition of the workforce optimization (WFO) provider TelStrat has enabled the company to have their own IP in the WFO space. The acquisition has resulted in an integrated quality management solution, CxEngage Quality Management (CxQM) that is bulletproof and feature rich with a definite emphasis on quality and reliability. “We will be launching our first CxQM customer in the next month,” concludes the CEO.


Austin, TX

John Lynch, CEO

Serenova offers contact center-as-a-service (CCaaS) and workforce optimizations (WFO) solutions to simplify every aspect of the customer experience to make life easier for contact center executives, their customers and employees