Sererra: NetSuite Deployments Augmented with Customer Services and Mobility

Today, NetSuite has become an indispensable tool in the hands of business professionals. Giving users the ability to manage and monitor many aspects of their operations, NetSuite has transformed the face of the enterprise businesses. However, CIOs face many challenges when integrating NetSuite into their infrastructures as they find it difficult to extract maximum value from it. “Business enterprises also face the risk of having poorly configured NetSuite deployments which will produce a negative impact on business operations and predictions,” says Vijay Saha, Founder and CEO, Sererra.

Based in California, Sererra is a consulting partner and premier reseller of NetSuite with over 400 successful NetSuite deployments. “The Sererra team’s project experience spans from financial management deployment to complex areas like platform development and integration projects,” says Saha. The firm aims to help its clients by offering various solutions developed on the NetSuite Platform to streamline business operations. With a stellar ability to optimize operations, Sererra helps their clients in setting up CloudTurn, a web-based platform powered by NetSuite that facilitates accounting, ERP, CRM, inventory, and e-commerce in a cost-effective manner. Using this product, clients can improve resource planning and management, throughout the business, by leveraging CloudTurn’s NetSuite capabilities. In addition, the advanced inventory optimization and automation capabilities help maximize workforce and resource value of clients.

To help our clients leverage rising enterprise trends, like mobility, we offer mobile ERP solutions which are aimed at increasing workforce mobility of our clients

Sererra also offers NetSuite’s OneWorld platform, which is an on-demand global business management system that delivers real-time global business management and financial consolidation to midsized companies.The platform was designed by NetSuite to help companies with multiple subsidiaries, business units, and legal entities manage operations from a single NetSuite account.
Vijay Saha Founder & CEO
OneWorld is also equipped to handle different currencies, taxation rules, and reporting requirements in a cost-effective manner than other ERP solutions available in the market. “To help our clients leverage rising enterprise trends, like mobility, we offer mobile ERP solutions which are aimed at increasing workforce mobility of our clients,” says Saha.The SererraCare program is a service provided to clients in need of support and consulting services on NetSuite’s various solutions. The service has provisions in place to facilitate on-line case submissions which are solved by experienced support teams through email responses. “Subscribers of SererraCare also enjoy a free quarterly health-check evaluation of their business operations,” says Saha.

For Customer Relationship Management, Sererra offers NetSuite’s CRM+ which helps in managing sales and customer relationship management process. The NetSuite CRM+ also comes with Salesforce Automation, Marketing Automation, and Customer Support and Services. The CRM capabilities are augmented with intuitive dashboards, customization options, and other web services.

With over 1000 clients opting for Sererra as their NetSuite partner, the firm credits its loyal customer base to its methodology in handling each client engagement.“We ensure that our interactions with our clients are professional and use it to improve their business,” says Saha. Sererra’s projects begin with an analysis of the client’s business needs and the deadline to achieve them. “Our process is designed to reduce communication gaps between us and our clients and ensure that they are satisfied with the services received,” says Saha.

For the future, Sererra aims to expand its client base through controlled growth to maintain high levels of service quality. The firm will continue delivering innovative solutions that will help clients utilize their NetSuite capabilities to the fullest and gain visible ROI.


Irvine, CA

Vijay Saha Founder & CEO

A premier partner of NetSuite, the firm provides customized solutions on ERP, CRM,and ecommerce.