Serro: Achieving Networking Goals through Connectivity

CIO VendorRay Testa, Managing Partner
More bandwidth, unstructured data, new applications, BYOD, and new technologies are all demand-drivers that can quickly outdate an existing network infrastructure. “We found that, close to 60 percent of our clients have networks that are aging dramatically and are under performing to the business needs. Meanwhile, 93 percent lack the knowledge to execute projects on play, and 33 percent of the clients are under tremendous pressure to deliver results in a very short period. Hence, they opt for Serro, as we understand that if the network infrastructure is planned with due consideration for the client’s objective, then it will be flexible and scalable to enable such business growth,” says Ray Testa, Managing Partner, Serro.

With innovative solutions across different industry verticals, Serro aligns network goals to meet their clients’ business goals. The company specializes in deploying flexible solutions that exceed current service needs and seamlessly meet future needs. “As a services provider in the field of IT infrastructure, we specialize in four key areas: design, architecture of the IT infrastructure, security network deployment application, and storage. Our implementation, operational and automation services help our clients to adapt technology faster, and cost effectively,” adds Testa.

Serro is helping clients gain more knowledge and intelligence of their network by OEM integration (off the shelf), along with open source tools and custom development. The company witnesses business managers face several conflicting requirements for the supporting infrastructure while rolling a service or an application. These include connection and custom orchestration of managed services, professional services like design, execution, and operation. “For example we are currently looking after the public wifi system of a large international airport, including implementation, deployment, and management of the proper solution,” explains Testa.
Being a global network-consulting firm, Serro group is a trusted advisor to the world’s leading businesses, governments, and e-commerce institutions. “Agility, flexibility, and a clear vision of where the technology is headed are some of the components that keep clients coming back to Serro for more of their technology needs,” says Testa. Their innovative way of thinking, combined with the high level of expertise, has allowed the company to deliver successfully over 100 IT projects across three continents. Serro makes it a point to communicate with their clients, and detach the business issues that are to be tackled. Every engagement is crafted uniquely according to the client requirements and the results are conveyed considering the challenges that persist in the associations. “We work with our clients to understand what their needs are, and how we can provide them with the apt answer in the form of an exclusive solution,” says Testa.

Our implementation services, operational and automation services help our clients to adapt technology faster and cost effectively

Serro gives customers future-evidence arrangements, permitting them to outpace business sector patterns and constantly changing innovation needs. One of Serro’s clients, a leading Oil & Gas company was looking to modernize the infrastructure based on their core network, which was seven years old. “We had a tight timeline to roll it out and we devised an architect of a service provider network to help them design a vision,” elucidates Testa. Working hand in hand with Juniper, Serro successfully deployed a solution with unique features for the client. “We want our clients to focus on new business opportunities through our solutions, while innovating ourselves to provide different solutions for different verticals,” concludes Testa.


San Francisco, CA

Ray Testa, Managing Partner

Providing flexible solutions that exceed current service needs and seamlessly scale to meet future needs.