ServeMeBest: Preserving Brand Loyalty through Communication Transparency

CIO VendorAli Hassan AlKhaja, Chairman and Founder
Transparency is one of the key factors that will drive successful contact centers of the future. “It is the best way to gain customer trust, which is being hampered by poor service components like long hold times, and conflicting or wrong information,” says Ali Hassan AlKhaja, Chairman and Founder of ServeMeBest. Headquartered in Kingdom of Bahrain, ServeMeBest provides ground breaking solutions that help clients attain a high level of brand loyalty, by embracing transparency in the service matrix.

AlKhaja strongly advocates transparency as the master component that can avoid massive levels of contact center switching among customers. It begins with call recording. “According to our recent consumer research across the U.S., Germany, France and UK, about 90 percent of consumers showed strong demand for shared recording access. In the U.S., 30 percent of respondents are even ready to pay to have access to the recordings,” says AlKhaja. It would increase the quality and clarity of answers, and reduce the need for repeated calls on the same issue. ServeMeBest’s flagship product Trust+ brings this new level of transparency to phone-based customer care interactions. It is a call recording system for contact centers that enables the caller to get a copy of the call recording. The caller gets an offer via an IVR (interactive voice response) system and if they want a copy, Trust+ records the call and sends them a link to it by SMS. The overall process reflects the client’s loyalty in making a statement of transparency, and sending a positive message about quality and trust. “After all, retaining customers is even more important than acquiring new ones,” aptly inputs AlKhaja.
ServeMeBest’s other suite of solutions including Survey+, Promotion+, and RecallMyCall act as a bridge between IVR and mobile. They let a contact center leverage phone calls, by stepping into mobile interactions. Survey+ allows a contact center to deploy quick and snappy mobile survey by SMS. “As it is immediate and mobile, it increases completion rates, and can be especially helpful for organizations that have outsourced their contact center,” says Alkhaja. With Promotion+, instead of a survey, the caller can opt in to receive a personalized promotion by mobile.

In an interesting move, ServeMeBest has also initiated the world’s first Transparency Certification Standard program that certifies the clients to the level of best performance and conversation transparency. “If the client meets the standard by offering call recording sharing and other demonstrations of transparency, they can get certified and display the Customer Service Transparency Standard branding,” extols AlKhaja. The certification is done by AJA Group, a major international player in ISO certification compliance.

Its excellence in the contact centre segment has gained the company multiple U.S. patents last year. Going forward, ServeMeBest envisages bringing the results of its intense years of research and development into the market. Alkhaja opines that sooner or later, companies will see transparency as a necessity, not a luxury. Targeting this, AlKhaja says, “Investment in technology can help improve the customer experience, but it needs to be matched with a mindset change on transparency, because that’s the route to quality and trust. Our technology aims to deliver a win for both.”


Kingdom of Bahrain

Ali Hassan AlKhaja, Chairman and Founder

Provides end-to-end solution that help contact centers to avoid miscommunication and retain customer trust