Server Farm: Maximizing IT Infrastructure Efficiency

Avner Papouchado, CEO
In today’s globalized economy, big data and advanced analytics backed by efficient IT infrastructure are essential for competitive advantage. Data centers have become the backbone of business operations. “The challenge we’ve seen in the marketplace is that companies are focused on delivering applications and not as geared towards managing their physical layer requirements, which are critical to their business success,” delineates Avner Papouchado, CEO, Server Farm. Being a jet pilot, Papouchado is no stranger to the great amount of focus and discipline required for critical operations—akin to effectively running a data center. “In order to efficiently run applications in data centers, it is imperative to have a well-planned physical space supported by disciplined IT infrastructure operations,” states Papouchado. To effectively mitigate common adversities and simplify data center operations, Server Farm builds and manages data centers, focusing on the escalation of IT infrastructure efficiency in order to deliver more for less.

Having evolved from a developer and operator of complex commercial real estate developments to a provider of intrinsic data center technology, Server Farm’s mission is to elevate the data center and IT infrastructure capabilities and provide operational efficiencies to their clients. The firm is determined to achieve this through a holistic approach of building, integrating, and managing data center environment and IT deployments. “Our extensive experience in facilities operations gives us unique insight into the best way to integrate IT with facility management,” comments Papouchado. Server Farm provides state-of-the-art system designs and agile data center solutions that are crafted for the current business needs and demands of customers. The firm’s Design Build solution designs high-energy efficient multi megawatt data centers.

Through their experience building and managing data centers for more than 15 years, Server Farm developed InCommand™ services, which relieve customers of data center operations by taking on the responsibility of operating customers’ IT infrastructure, tracking their IT assets, and managing their data center capacities. It provides customers with staff, training, workflows, and a data center portal that offers unparalleled insight into their IT infrastructure, process consistency, and ease of implementation.

Through Server Farm’s InCommand service we help our customers quickly capture, view and analyze all aspects of their IT infrastructure and facilitate their ability to better utilize their data center investments

“Many of our customers were evaluating DIY DCIM options and realizing how steep the learning curve is and how they would effectively have to build out staff simply to support their DCIM operations. Through Server Farm’s InCommand service we help our customers quickly capture, view and analyze all aspects of their IT infrastructure and facilitate their ability to better utilize their data center investments,” says Papouchado.

In addition, Server Farm is able to roll InCommand services out on a global scale, providing enterprise customers with consistency and insight throughout their worldwide data centers. This latest offering enhances Server Farm’s suite of colocation solutions, but is not limited to Server Farm owned data centers.

Through various client interactions, Server Farm finds that companies with large data centers often lack the ability to predict their IT infrastructure capacity. Further, the companies are also not able to accurately assess the power capacity and physical space required. Numerous companies facing similar impediments turn to Server Farm. “We provide clients with complete insight into how to assess their IT infrastructure and that has in turn enabled them to focus on growing their businesses,” states Papouchado.

Forging ahead, Server Farm plans to extend its market foothold and portfolio of services in the U.S. and internationally. The firm also intends to continue innovating while incorporating customer feedback. “Our goal is to serve our customers in the best possible way and empower them to improve their data center ROI,” concludes Papouchado.

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Avner Papouchado, CEO

Builds and manages data centers and IT infrastructure.

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