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Jean Mork Bredeson, President
In today’s competitive marketplace, inefficient delivery of service offerings can greatly impact business profitability. We have seen that where services drive more revenue than products, there’s great pressure to build the most effective service strategy. Since limited time and resources make it difficult to deliver all possible improvements, prioritizing the right changes and investing time and resources wisely is essential. In order to determine these priorities, regular customer experience feedback is paramount to building the intelligent data needed to identify the service characteristics that impact trust and loyalty the most.

SERVICE 800 empowers service organizations with creative design of customer feedback systems that disclose real customer expectations around the world and in over 30 languages. The alerts, metrics, trends and indicators produced by SERVICE 800’s processes support timely and effective business decisions. SERVICE 800 reveals an in-depth view of customer attitudes and perceptions by carefully considering the customer journey and by including feedback on multiple touchpoints such as marketing, sales, training, parts, and invoicing. “Our methodology is to associate customer feedback metrics with a vast array of characteristics of the service experience. This reveals the specific element(s) that drive customers to return, to renew, or to buy more. With that visibility, improvements can be properly prioritized and business goals can be attained,” attests Jean Mork Bredeson, president of SERVICE 800.

SERVICE 800 begins a project with a clear understanding of client requirements from the perspective of corporate and local managers, and of customer requirements from the customer base. Every aspect of the feedback system is designed with requirements, service process, and customer expectations in mind. Data and feedback collection is managed in real time by SERVICE 800 using a variety of methods such as phone interviews, email and web surveys, survey to text and IVR. Collected feedback reveals the factors that play primary roles in improving the customer experience. “This is an iterative process; the continual flow of new data from customers gives us new insights and indicators as to what actions will boost renewals or sales,” explains Bredeson.

The value of SERVICE 800’s model was proven recently when an organization who had outsourced part of its technical customer service was struggling to coordinate between various internal and external resources.

We believe in building relationships with our clients and keeping them close to their customers’ requirements. We’re proud to have multiple 30-year clients celebrating our anniversary with us

This client needed to find a way to balance resources while maintaining a seamless experience for customers. By applying SERVICE 800’s resources, a hybrid measurement plan was designed to collect customer feedback from multiple touchpoints. By leveraging a combination of experience metrics and service performance criteria, the client was able to assess its worldwide service delivery network and to design new performance and communication standards. This included pay-for-performance programs that incented a seamless working relationship. Continued collection of customer feedback proved the success of the new working standard and also provided visibility to changing customer expectations.

Consistent customer successes have been the foundation of SERVICE 800’s three-decade-long journey. “We believe in building relationships with our clients and staying in touch with their changing customer objectives and challenges. This is why we have many 30-year clients celebrating our anniversary with us,” declares Bredeson.

With the singular objective of acing the field of customer experience, SERVICE 800 continues to focus on developing new tools and methods that easily deliver insights to strategists and managers whenever and wherever they want. SERVICE 800 prides itself on making its resources flexible and timely, allowing clients to perform the actions that will count the most and to evolve with the growing technological landscape. “Overall, it is not just about a CEM system or having measurements in place; it is about driving the actions that make the difference,” she concludes.


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Jean Mork Bredeson, President

Designs and administers near real-time customer satisfaction measurement surveys to give in-depth knowledge of clients’ attitudes and impressions