Service-Flow Corp.: Solving the Service Integration Conundrum

Juha Berghäll, Co-founder and CEO
The strategy that IT organizations have adopted nowadays to rope in best-of-breed technology is multi-vendor outsourcing. Although such a plan can bring in a broad spectrum of expertise, in most use cases service integration has surfaced as a common challenge. As ITIL is yet to be considered as a standardized framework, suppliers, vendors, and clients have their own set of rules to define IT deliverables, process related data modeling, and IT service management. This puts organizations opting for multi-vendor or multi-supplier outsourcing model in a difficult position.

In an attempt to extricate the IT firms from this conundrum, Juha Berghäll and Janne Kärkkäinen pioneered an all-inclusive, SaaS solution for Service Integration—Service-Flow Corp. “By leveraging our deep expertise in the ITSM arena, we bring all the suppliers, their clients, sub-contractors under one ambit, allow them to develop their ITSM tools independently while facilitating seamless service integration,” says Juha Berghäll, co-founder and CEO.

Built on subscription-based SaaS model, Service-Flow Corp has built an ecosystem of leading suppliers and vendors that include Accenture, CGI, IBM, Fujitsu, and several others. When connected to Service-Flow, organizations get a unified technology layer that can integrate with ITSM tools and systems and related processes without hassle making service integration and management (SIAM) possible. Moreover, Service- Flow can be quickly integrated with existing ITSM tools such as ServiceNow, BMC and Cherwell.

Organizations get the prerogative to configure and map data exchange rules using the Service-Flow UI without coding or development. As a powerful technological communication tool, it enables organizations to concentrate on their vendor strategies, operational models and processes, rather than worrying about technology integration and other related mundane tasks. The Service-Flow solution also puts an end to interoperability challenge and furnishes a robust multiple-endpoint connection system out-of-the-box.

The core philosophy of Service- Flow Corp has always revolved around providing scalable cloud solutions.
Janne Kärkkäinen, Co-founder and CPO
To enable key integrations in place, the firm leverages agile approach to offer service integration that democratizes outsourcing services while clients can focus more on operating with the vendors on a process level. “In an attempt to keep pace with the ever-changing technology landscape, we have been modeling the service to adapt to these changes in an agile way,” says Janne Kärkkäinen, co-founder and CPO.

Putting forward a unique feature set, Service-Flow Corp has gained traction and is seen as a trusted name in the service integration domain. The firm has an extensive clientele, and there are numerous success stories that Service-Flow Corp can boast of. One such instance touches upon the challenges faced by a leading managed service provider based out of the Nordic region. The organization was switching its centralized ITSM tool BMC Remedy to ServiceNow on-prem and just recently to ServiceNow cloud. While the shift was underway, service integration came out as a major challenge, severing which would affect thousands of their clients. Eventually, the organization deployed Service-Flow Corp’s solution and were able to build a standardized integration process that was secure, reliable, and incredibly easy to configure.

Although Service-Flow Corp continues to function within the realms of IT service management, the firm is steadfast in its approach to venture into other verticals that demand multiple endpoint integrations. With geographical expansion on the cards, the firm endeavors to move into the U.S. market in due course of time. Besides, Service-Flow Corp is all set to widen its umbrella of strategic partnership that can be leveraged to foster better service integration solution.

In a conclusive remark, Berghäll states that proper utilization is precisely what imparts value to technology. In line with his view, Service-Flow Corp has mastered the art of implementation and digitizing service processes.

Service-Flow Corp

Helsinki, Finland

Juha Berghäll, Co-founder and CEO and Janne Kärkkäinen, Co-founder and CPO

Provider of cloud based service integration solution in the ITSM landscape

Service-Flow Corp