ServiceLink Field Services, LLC: Preserve and Protect Assets with Cutting-Edge Solutions

Rod Hatfield, Senior Managing Director
The property preservation business is a comprehensive process that involves thorough verification and scrutiny of property information, analysis and tracking for financial institutions, investors and insurance companies. Field services companies therefore exist to iron out complexities that prevail in the rigorous processes of collateral asset inspection, property preservation and asset registration. However, despite technological advancements, this vertical particularly suffers from a shortage of robust solutions that allow integration and communication between field services providers, vendor networks, financial institutions, and investors at a macro-level. Furthermore, frequent regulatory changes and local policies on asset registration of vacant or foreclosed properties, gauging occupancy status, and extent of damages exemplify the problems of field service providers. ServiceLink Field Services, with its nationwide network of skilled independent inspectors and contractors negates the innate industry challenges with its unique amalgam of expertise and services. “The world has made a drastic shift towards real-time decisions leveraging mobile devices and there is trending rise of Big Data. ServiceLink leverages these trends to deliver and meet changing customer demands and regulatory policies,” opens Rod Hatfield, Senior Managing Director, ServiceLink.

ServiceLink has already garnered notoriety for its new highly flexible system AssetShield that facilitates real-time collaboration among supply chain partners ultimately leading to more informed decisions and providing a better outcome for investors, mortgage servicers, and communities. “It is a highly data-driven world. ServiceLink captures the real-time data and ‘operationalizes’ the asset information to enable a process that better servers our customers,” extols Hatfield.

The company provides a variety of services in every state and locality from property inspections, maintenance, restoration, and registration services for vacant or foreclosed properties. “We offer our clients a flexible approach where they can choose from any number of our services,” says Hatfield. Furthermore, ServiceLink’s robust supplier verification program goes beyond skill based routing of work order management.
“Holistically, our technology ensures the individuals performing the services requested have a clean background check and have electronically executed the ServiceLink Supplier Code of Conduct Agreement. This provides our customers with a level of confidence that the services are being performed by a skilled provider exhibiting the professionalism that the customers expect,” Hatfield exclaims.

It is a highly data-driven world and ServiceLink captures the real-time data and ‘operationalizes’ asset information to enable a process that provides better outcomes for investors, mortgage services and communities

ServiceLink firmly believes in not drawing comparisons on business strategies and technology decisions implemented by its counterparts. The firm’s workforce has deep acumen and experience in the wide arena of field services alongside its partnership with its parent company Fidelity National Financial Services are its true differentiating factors. “We believe in the power of technology and the strength of data and analytics,”says Hatfield. In order to harness the power of emerging technology and stay ahead of industry challenges, ServiceLink has embarked on an 18 month multi-million dollar initiative to re-platform its core systems. “We provide market leading services to our customers and now we will be a market leader in field services technology. We will continue to make the capital investments to diversify our products and cater to the underserved areas in the field services industry,” he concludes.

ServiceLink Field Services, LLC

Denver, CO

Rod Hatfield, Senior Managing Director

A field service company dedicated to assisting mortgage servicers in satisfying loan servicing requirements in a challenging regulatory environment.