ServiceMax: Enhancing Productivity via Field-ready Mobile Apps

David Yarnold, CEO
With mobile device usage skyrocketing ubiquitously in Field Service Management (FSM), companies are experiencing exceptional operational productivity and cost-effectiveness. In such a scenario, complete FSM software creates better communication with field technicians, remaining in sync with the dynamic trends of mobility. ServiceMax, a field service management company, headquartered in Pleasanton, CA, offers full featured FSM solutions in real-time on the cloud for any mobile device. “We’re rethinking field service and delivering cutting edge technology to help companies perfect service delivery, drive revenue and growth, and help customers,” says David Yarnold, CEO, ServiceMax.

ServiceMax’s FSM software enhances connectivity by making relevant information easily accessible on a real-time basis to field technicians through instantaneous communication with experts in the field and dashboards for management. The company’s field-ready suite of mobile applications provides access to the field technicians regardless of location or connectivity. Their cloud-based solutions are built on the Saleforce1 platform. “Customers are speeding up their field service operations with our cloud innovations which are firmly integrated into their customer relationship management,” says Yarnold. The company’s solutions combine wide-ranging facilities from managing contracts to field workforce scheduling and refurbishing the parts of machines. ServiceMax also delivers unparalleled offerings such as licensing, field workforce management and improves communication with customers and partners for hassle-free service. ServiceMax’s Customer and partner portals enable complete visibility to the partners on customers’ information.

ServiceMax assists the organizations in making a move to digitize field service operations. Topcon Medical Systems, a developer and supplier of diagnostic equipment for the ophthalmic community, is a classic case of ServiceMax’s FSM implementation. Topcon was obscured in paperwork, manual processes, and wedged with legacy client server app, and also had a hard time determining service entitlements which forced them to give free service.
Topcon decided to transform their service organization into a profit-center by making a move to digitize field service operations. In order to tackle these challenges, Topcon turned to ServiceMax to deliver enterprise field service management solution with field-ready mobile apps. “ServiceMax was the clear winner for us because it’s one of the few products that represent a comprehensive service framework and we have the ability to tune it to make it relevant to our business,” says Gary Yantsos, Director of IT, Topcon. Leveraging the ServiceMax Infinity Framework—the fastest way to design and deploy for optimal business process—Topcon was able to adapt to the technology quickly. Service Flow Manager Tool—a transaction engine, which makes the software match a desired business process fulfilled the needs of Topcon.

We’re rethinking field service, and delivering cutting edge technology to help companies perfect service delivery, drive revenue and growth, and help customers

Topcon was able to optimize workforce through ServiceMax Dispatch Console—a tool which helps the dispatchers in routing service operations. Upon ServiceMax implementations, Topcon observed a 10 percent increase in service revenues and 30 percent improvement in operational productivity.
ServiceMax helps to have 360 degree view of service operations wherein their clients gain a deep visibility into entire delivery operations—a fact that sets the company apart in the industry. Moving forward, ServiceMax is preparing to work with Marel, a global provider of advanced equipment, systems, and services. ServiceMax aims to help the company to standardize their field services across 30 countries to improve their global service operations.


Pleasanton, CA

David Yarnold, CEO

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