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Bill McDermott, Chief Executive Officer
While businesses across all industries faced unprecedented challenges in what was the most arduous year of modern history, automation emerged as the front runner in 2020. The increased dependence on automation has boosted the growth of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots to a point where customers are highly reliant on them to guide their car trips, autocorrect their text messages, and even scrub their kitchen floors. Unsurprisingly, the appreciation for automation has found its way into the workplace.

There is a profound shift in the way people work. The workplace is shifting away from the infuriatingly rigid business processes of the past—strategies designed not with people but with software capabilities in mind. The transformation to a future digital workplace is inevitable. It is not just about doing the same old thing a little better; transformation is rethinking the way work is done altogether. With transformation, people can work the way they want to and not be dictated by software, and thanks to AI-enabled digital workflows, this transformation is finally possible.

Enter ServiceNow (NYSE:NOW), a company delivering digital workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity. Behind every great experience is a great workflow, and with its Now Platform, ServiceNow enables cross-enterprise workflows that deliver great experiences for customers and employees. "At ServiceNow, we believe in making work, work better for people. Let people work the way they want to, not how most software dictates they have to. Let people easily build the experiences they dream of," says Bill McDermott, Chief Executive Officer of ServiceNow.

On a relentless mission to achieve true end-to-end digital transformation, the company's Now Platform includes core capabilities that enable clients to quickly and efficiently digitize workflows and run them at scale. "The Now Platform empowers a smarter way to workflow. ServiceNow enables workflows across your business, across departments, systems and processes. With the Now Platform, work flows naturally, the way it's supposed to. And when work flows naturally, great experiences follow," adds McDermott.

Boosting Automation Capabilities with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

As organizations strive to drive automation across a mix of legacy and modern applications, ServiceNow has scaled up its automation capabilities with the acquisition of Intellibot, a robotic process automation(RPA) startup based in Hyderabad, India. Intellibot extends ServiceNow's core workflow capabilities by helping customers automate repetitive tasks for intelligent, end-to-end automation The company intends to build Intellibot's capabilities natively into the Now Platform, enabling customers to easily integrate with both modern and legacy systems, driving productivity and strengthening existing AI and machine learning (ML) efforts.

Intellibot's RPA capabilities complement ServiceNow's existing automation functionality, including AI/ ML, Integration Hub, Creator Studio for low-code app development, Process Optimization, Flow Designer, Virtual Agent chatbots, Natural Language Understanding, and Document Intelligence. With an end-to-end automation portfolio, the company is poised to help customers identify automation opportunities using Process Optimization and then execute on those opportunities with an unmatched set of automation capabilities that are all natively built on one platform.

In November last year, ServiceNow acquired Element AI, enabling them to apply modern AI to text and language, chat, images, search, question response, and summarization, accelerating AI innovation natively in the Now Platform. The company took things a step further with the recent Now Platform Quebec release. The acquisition of Intellibot will deepen its investment in powerful automation capabilities that boost productivity and allow users to focus on more complex and strategic work. Incorporating Intellibot's advanced RPA tools in the Now Platform will move the company closer to automating business processes from start to finish through a combination of technologies that create a great employee and customer experience.

At ServiceNow, we believe in making work, work better for people. Let people work the way they want to, not how most software dictates they have to. Let people easily build the experiences they dream of

Acknowledgment from Industry Leaders

Recently, Oracle verified ServiceNow as a third-party tool vendor. Starting from the Now Platform Quebec release, Oracle's verification covers both ServiceNow Discovery and ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM). Oracle is set to accept data from the company as an alternative to installing Oracle Global Licensing and Advisory (GLAS) measurement tools. ServiceNow's coverage of Oracle products spans broader than the scope of the GLAS-verified tools program.

The use of an Oracle-verified solution such as ServiceNow can significantly reduce the time, risk, and effort needed to deploy a script in the user's environment. ServiceNow SAM provides users an effective license position for Oracle and other vendors, allowing users to see Oracle compliance positions and savings opportunities before, during, and after an audit or contractual event.

Streamlining and Simplifying vaccine Management

Recent research by McKinsey & Company revealed that COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers have collectively agreed to release 12 billion vaccine doses globally in 2021, provided they all pass clinical trials. However, turning those vaccines into vaccinations is a colossal undertaking that requires significant coordination. To simplify this effort, ServiceNow announced its Vaccine Administration Management (VAM) solution in January, adding new capabilities to give healthcare professionals greater visibility into vaccine inventory and empower recipients with control over vaccine management and scheduling.

From recipients to administrators and clinicians, the added capabilities make vaccination scheduling easier for everyone involved. Citizens who need a COVID-19 vaccine no longer have to show up at an undesirable assigned time or wait hours due to overbooked appointments—only to find the clinic has run out of vaccines. Instead, they can choose the time and date to receive their first vaccination dose and their second dose, if needed. Also, contact center agents can book appointments on behalf of recipients.

On the heels of President Biden's March 11 announcement that all U.S. adults should be eligible for the vaccine by May 1, ServiceNow VAM offers a way for citizens to be vaccinated sooner—and more conveniently. The company believes that with more people vaccinated, the focus will turn toward managing COVID-19 in the workplace. To that end, the new ServiceNow Vaccination Status app provides a secure portal for employees and stakeholders to submit documentation about health vaccinations in conjunction with the workplace policy.

Digital transformation is the opportunity of this generation. The need for digital transformation has been accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis, as organizations create new working ways. As the Now Platform becomes the workflow standard for digital transformation, ServiceNow remains committed to building an enduring company that helps its customers succeed in digital transformation.


Santa Clara, CA

Bill McDermott, Chief Executive Officer

ServiceNow delivers digital workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity. The company's Now Platform provides a more innovative way to workflow across industries