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Hendrik Buske, Director of Sales
Service departments of all companies have to deal with a large amount of information daily while at the same time, customer expectations are rising, which signifies the challenges in centralized collection and management of business-relevant knowledge. Furthermore, customers expect consistent communication from companies across all channels, be it contact center, social media, websites, or chatbots. That’s where Serviceware SE (ETR: SJJ) comes in.

With its solution portfolio compromising of Serviceware Financial, Serviceware Processes, Serviceware Resources, Serviceware Knowledge (SABIO), and Serviceware Performance, Serviceware SE is one of the leading providers of enterprise service management solutions on the market. “We support companies in the digitalization of services, whereby efficiency increase and automation are the top priorities,” says Hendrik Buske, the Director of Sales at Serviceware SE. With the acquisition of SABIO, Serviceware Knowledge complements the company’s product family with one of the world’s most powerful service-focused knowledge management solutions. The product is marketed both as a standalone solution and as an integrated component of the Serviceware platform.

Through Serviceware Knowledge (SABIO), the company’s goal is to give employees access to up-to-date, complete, and secure knowledge at all times, taking into account what employees are allowed to see or use. Through a powerful rights-role model, Serviceware SE empowers every business unit to capture and share its knowledge with just a few clicks. “We support employees with powerful AI-based tools that detect redundancies in real time and thus avoid multiple entries in the knowledge database, which later negatively influence searches,” mentions Buske.

With the help of easy navigation and self-learning search, Serviceware SE supports employees in finding and retrieving knowledge quickly. This is particularly important in customer dialogues by phone, chat, or messenger so that customers do not have to wait unnecessarily. Further, the company’s experienced consultants and trainers support clients in developing knowledge management processes, in which the company always takes an external customer view.
Maintaining the knowledge centrally makes it possible to play it out via simple integration into websites, apps, or chatbots.

We support employees with powerful AI-based tools that detect redundancies in real time and thus avoid multiple entries in the knowledge database, which later negatively influence searches

Being an owner-managed company with a market presence for over 20 years, for Serviceware SE, the customer is always the focal point of all actions. Their high level of innovation in the field of service digitization sets standards. It enables its customers to make significant improvements to processes to provide their customers with the best possible service experience. This extremely positive reputation gives Serviceware SE a great advantage over competitors. In an instance, the company assisted one of the largest banks in Germany with about 50,000 employees, in storing all relevant service portal content through SABIO. From there, the knowledge is transferred via the channels web, voice portal, and Mobile and made freely accessible to the customer. A CDS-internal Content management team takes care of the continuous preparation and updating of the knowledge content and is thereby in regular exchange with the corresponding internal departments. Furthermore, the content is optimized for high findability and visibility in Google.

Characterized by strategic foresight and innovation, Serviceware SE has a clear vision of supporting customers in service digitization and turning them into service champions. For SABIO (Serviceware Knowledge) and other products in its portfolio, the company aims to react to market requirements and maintain close contact with its customers. To this end, Serviceware SE has not only established a customer success management system but also regularly conducts virtual sessions and on-site events where the exchange of information among customers is the main focus. “We will continue to push this strategic thrust in this and the coming years and successively expand our solution portfolio,” concludes Buske.

Serviceware SE (ETR:SJJ)

Bad Camberg, Germany

Hendrik Buske, Director of Sales

With the acquisition of SABIO, Serviceware Knowledge complements the product family with one of the world's most powerful knowledge management solutions with a focus on service

Serviceware SE (ETR:SJJ)