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Rick Banister, Founder and CEO
When the Salesforce admin of a large organization, intending to sort the company’s entire user contacts by phone number, accidentally scrambled the contacts of 80,000 users, the organization already had a comprehensive backup and recovery solution that enabled them to restore the data. Focused on helping such enterprise customers, Sesame Software, a Santa Clara-based technology firm, provides a suite of simple, secure, scalable, reliable, high-performance solutions for backup and recovery, data warehouse, and data integration, known as Relational Junction. With fourteen years of experience in architecting developer-friendly solutions, the company leverages the best of automation and digital transformation techniques to provide a portfolio of enterprise application integration solutions that reduce business risk, eliminate data loss, and protect valuable corporate information. “Established as a professional services organization that provided custom integrations for companies, we wanted to find a simplified way to perform integration and data warehousing by leveraging the skills of database programmers,” begins Rick Banister, Founder and CEO of Sesame. “And, the fruit of that hard work is our suite of Relational Junction products.”

The Relational Junction suite consists of an extract, transform, and load (ETL) manager for data integration, a data warehouse builder, and a Salesforce recovery solution for enterprises. All of Sesame’s solutions are supported by a team of application and data integration experts. “Our products have four main use cases. They can be used for building a fully automated data warehouse that provides offline reporting, backup and recovery, and data archival,” explains Banister. “The data warehouse can also be used as an integration hub where data is transferred out of the cloud into the warehouse and integrated to other endpoints. Another use case is its data recovery and auditing capability.
Relational Junction also enables copying Salesforce instances from one to another.”

Through our data backup and recovery solution, customers can recover any field, in any record, to any point in time

“While has the ability to backup a user’s data, the recovery process is extremely time and resource consuming,” adds Banister. However, Sesame’s backup for Salesforce allows users to backup their data and fully recover from any Salesforce data loss in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. The solution, designed for cloud, private cloud and on-premise, has capabilities that include incremental backup, complete compliance, and an audit trail for all updated records, and provides fast, point-in-time, granular restoration whenever needed. Where most business users have applications from which critical information cannot be recovered easily, Sesame’s Salesforce solution creates point-in-time recovery of any data in “Through our data backup and recovery solution, customers can recover any field, in any record, to any point in time,” says Banister.

A factor that makes Sesame’s Salesforce solution unique is its fault-tolerant capability. Additionally, all of Sesame’s solutions are fully GDPR compliant; data is stored in a secure relational database, ensuring complete privacy and customer control access. The company is working on releasing a user interface for data recovery, which will provide a self-service capability that enables users to search for and recover records that they want. Sesame also plans to extend its reach by adding new data sources to both its data integration and data warehouse products, enhancing its capabilities to over one hundred data sources and databases.

Sesame Software

Santa Clara, CA

Rick Banister, Founder and CEO

Sesame Software’s Relational Junction suite of data integration and backup and recovery solutions enable to reduce business risk, eliminate data loss and ensure regulatory compliance

Sesame Software