SETA International: Expertise to Effectively Develop, Test, and Ensure Successful Projects

Thu Truong, VP of Operations
A good business sense is needed to establish a powerful organization, with a proper set of policies, processes and procedures required for planning and execution—in short, a robust and effective quality management system (QMS). With the pace at which technologies are advancing, proper quality assurance (QA) testing methodologies are needed to satisfy customer needs and expectations along with applying standards across business activity. Hence, it is pertinent to mention that quality assurance deals with developing processes and systems that align with a proper QMS. Headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA, SETA International offers quality assurance cost optimization, cloud testing, automation testing, performance testing in the agile environment, and domain specific testing in mobile application development, and e-commerce. “Our program enables businesses to efficiently utilize resources, address focus areas of testing, and helps with the continuous improvement for testing processes, and service oriented structures to turn into testing center of excellence (TCoE),” says Thu Truong, VP of Operations, SETA International. By establishing a seamless channel of internal delivery, the company is able to better detect software defects earlier in the process and uses effective governance to support quality metrics to their client’s needs.

SETA is a pioneer in providing custom software development encompassing end-to-end technology services ranging from technical consulting, graphical design, custom applications, software development, support, integration, and maintenance. For an error free QMS environment, SETA, together with their cloud partner Amazon, monitors vulnerabilities in cloud information systems that can result in security threats, fraud, and revenue losses. “There is an increased demand for capacities that scale up information systems to meet business needs. We are using cloud and agile methodologies to handle this challenge,” adds Truong. In addition, the team at SETA sets up strategic, rapid, and seamless delivery across multiple platforms by re-using continuous delivery methodologies.

SETA uses advanced QA testing methodologies including a combination of code-driven testing, graphic UI testing, and API driven testing in tandem with manual testing to provide thorough analysis of the programming. “We build automated testing systems to perform necessary quality assurance tasks that can also free developer’s time,” explains Truong. In order to minimize time to market and maximize defect detection before production, SETA leverages a series of cloud-based tools to enable an efficient collaborative approach/software release management. The firm also conducts experiments on module/code reuse inside their labs, to help them deliver software in a shorter amount of time with the highest quality and greatest cost savings for their clients. “We’re investing in obtaining core testing certificates such as ISTQB and business/ technology/domain expertise such as Cloud, Amazon, Magento, and MS certificates,” continues Truong.
She states that once a project is completed, it is not the end – it is just the beginning for an organization as SETA is dedicated to working with the clients post project completion too. SETA’s customers benefit from the exceptional technology consulting, software development management in a unique service model.

SETA has entered into a formal agreement with AppFactory, a company established by SK Planet, which is a globally recognized and respected leader in innovative mobile services. SETA is one of AppFactory’s strategic technology partners and assists with their internal and external software development. More than 15 software developers and quality assurance engineers are assisting with the internal product development roadmap, working closely to maximize AppFactory’s efficiency and productivity across the globe. Based on the specifications provided, SETA developed an innovative mobile app (for both iOS and Android) for AppFactory called Jukebox Hero. This app transforms the personal music library on a user's mobile device into an interactive jukebox. “When one uses Jukebox Hero on their own devices, they can view the host's music library, browse songs, view other participants, and queue up music. Our developers optimized on memory use and real-time processing to make the app fast, appealing, and a non-crash app,” continues Truong.

We build automated testing systems to perform necessary quality assurance tasks that can also free developer’s time

According to Truong, the real secret for growth is to always put the customer first. SETA distinguishes itself from its competitors with its proprietary Hybrid Business Model delivering the highest quality onshore and offshore work that is highly cost-effective. SETA also leverages the latest technology to reduce development time. “Our developers hold prestigious certificates of Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Amazon, Magento, Linux, Java, Cisco, amongst others. They frequently partake in technical and soft skills training,” delineates Truong.

SETA’s roadmap focuses on areas within their core strengths such as e-commerce, marketplace, warehouse management systems, CRM/ERP, mobility solutions, cloud migration consulting and learning management systems. The company sets high standard for customer service and is always looking to improve delivery quality. “It is essential to work closely with our partners to deliver high-quality and effective solutions to clients. We will continue to provide innovative solutions with zest and enthusiasm,” concludes Truong.

SETA International

Costa Mesa, CA

Thu Truong, VP of Operations

A provider of end-to-end technology services ranging from technical consulting, graphical design, custom applications, software development, support, integration, and maintenance.