SevOne: Reinventing Network Performance Management

Jack Sweeney, CEO
Accountability and control are crucial determinants of a successful Software-defined networking (SDN) environment that encompasses virtualization of compute, network, and storage resources in combination with automation and orchestration systems. Although SDN simplifies the provisioning of network services, it often dissociates applications from the network infrastructure resulting in visibility gaps in terms of performance, availability, and security. Enterprises with SDN environments today are opting for real-time performance management solutions that ensure improved infrastructure, risk mitigation, enhanced end-user experience, and better business outcomes.

Newark, DE-based SevOne delivers a unique network monitoring platform that has been engineered for “speed at scale” and ultimate performance visibility into a client’s entire infrastructure through a dashboard with a “single pane of glass view”. The firm’s patented SevOne Cluster architecture leverages distributed computing to deliver real-time reporting and unparalleled scalability that helps enterprises with preventing outages. With a prowess to provide proactive alerts for potential issues across cloud-based networks, SevOne reveals critical performance metrics that prove the success of SDN deployments. Being an active consociate of the Juniper Networks SDN Technology Partner Program, SevOne integrates its network and IT performance management solution with Juniper Networks Contrail, a standards-based and highly scalable virtualization and intelligence solution for software-defined networks (SDN). The Juniper Networks Contrail network virtualization solution, in concert with the OpenStack or CloudStack orchestrators, includes an open, standards-based SDN controller that virtualizes the network to enable faster automation and orchestration of hybrid cloud environments.

SevOne’s long standing alliance with Juniper Networks has helped their clients in leveraging Juniper manageability interfaces to get real-time performance data via SNMP, the JUNOS Telemetry Management Interface and Juniper Flow data that provides insight into actual traffic flows. As a Juniper Networks SDN Technology Partner, SevOne has positioned itself at the forefront of performance monitoring for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) style network services.

With SevOne’s technology, we can future-proof our customers by monitoring and managing the systems of today and tomorrow

Working together with Juniper Networks, SevOne is able to provide customers with the fastest, most scalable performance monitoring solution across heterogeneous and federated cloud networks.

In addition to automatically building baselines of normal utilization levels and issuing alerts when the infrastructure performance deviates from the historical patterns, SevOne helps customers achieve high frequency polling, down to one second intervals. Also, the firm provides a one-click metric-to-flow integration that lets customers switch from SNMP reports and alerts into a Flow Top Talkers report in case of a spike in bandwidth utilization. The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and flow integration speeds problem resolution saves a client’s time and effort, helping them gain precise insights about the type of traffic that plies over their infrastructure.

SevOne also helps customers receive SNMP certification for a new Management Information Base (MIB) within 10 days. Also proffering options to maintain 12 months of “as polled” data without the need for data aggregation, SevOne supports Juniper and multi-vendor infrastructures on one dashboard. The firm enables quick deployments by delivering an all-in-one performance management solution that significantly boosts an organization’s administrative capabilities to monitor virtualized networks.

Surging ahead, SevOne plans to expand its global footprint with goals to become a publicly traded company in the next five years. “We have really deep technical roots and are building an executive team to carry us far into the next decade,” says Jack Sweeney, CEO, SevOne. “Right now, there are millions of things connected to SevOne, but in the coming years, we expect to have billions and billions.”


Newark, DE

Jack Sweeney, CEO

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