SG1 Cloud: Orchestrating Cloud Migration for SMBs

Kevin Dutton, Co-founder & Managing Partner
The rapid adoption of cloud solutions across industries has avalanched a shift in traditional business models. While this transition may be routine for larger enterprises, the smaller organizations still lack the resources, understanding, and internal support that is required. This is where SG1 Cloud comes in. “We educate organizations about the cloud’s true value for their business and help them create a much more efficient model for their overall needs,” says SG1’s Co-founder and Managing Partner, Kevin Dutton. “SG1 was started with a goal to provide enterprise-level support to small companies.” Today, the company has a rich clientele hailing from many industry verticals. These clients are either currently virtualized or in the process of developing a cloud initiative.

Led by a highly-experienced team of industry savants, the company leverages strategic partnerships with award-winning organizations like Green Cloud Technologies and Careworx. These partnerships give SG1 access to multi-million dollar data centers while providing customers with transformative cloud solutions, superior products, round-the-clock enterprise level support and a new strategy to offer Service Now’s ITSM technology in the Mid-Market. In understanding their customers’ business workflows, SG1 helps customers operate more efficiently: maximizing their internal resources and minimizing downtime, thereby improving cost structure for their operations.

According to Dutton, the gist of their challenge comes from their customers’ “lack of need” to add new technology to what is mostly an on-premise environment. “Why fix it if it’s not broken?” While the customer believes this, “they fear the change that the multitude of new resources may bring into their day-to-day operations,” explains Dutton. “We provide the bigger picture for our clients—illustrating the power of cloud computing, its potential to increase productivity, and how to utilize their IT resources effectively.”

We educate our clients on a different approach to their IT needs by utilizing the power of the cloud

In doing so, SG1 provides the highest level of security and quality of managed IT services, with a compliance diversity that covers HIPAA, PCI DSS, and SSAE 16 certifications. When it comes to physical security, SG1 utilizes cloud cameras for video surveillance, enabling customers to effectively monitor their business and manage their data securely—on any device anywhere in the world without any footprint lag whatsoever.

While SG1’s focal point remains the business intelligence and virtual footprint of cloud computing provided by their IaaS provider Green Cloud Technologies, it is the “green” aspect of the solution that makes a powerful contribution to their value proposition. Research shows a significant difference in the carbon emissions of physical devices compared to a virtual desktop since their respective resource consumption is vastly different. By increasing efficiency, SG1 allows organizations to eliminate a major chunk of carbon footprint by reducing hardware and energy consumption, effectively reducing the associated costs. “We enable businesses to do more at a fraction of the cost of traditional computing,” states Dutton.

Heading into the future, SG1 plans to expand their business model into more regions across the U.S. through new partnerships and strategic alignment. Regarding geographical expansion, Dutton reveals that their current demand is dramatically going through the roof, making such a young company’s stellar growth all the more exciting. “Wherever this journey takes us in the future, the significance of the cloud is undeniable, and we plan to lead with it anywhere we go,” concludes Dutton.

SG1 Cloud

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Kevin Dutton, Co-founder & Managing Partner

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