SGE: 360-Degree Asset Management

In the past decade, the U.S. and Middle East—particularly Dubai and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)—have witnessed tremendous economic growth, resulting in fast tracking of construction projects. However, maintaining world-class construction standards requires a keen focus on sustainability and state-of-the-art asset management, failing which, project complications could crop up and cause maintenance teams to run from pillar to post. Leveraging computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) to provide a 360-degree approach to physical asset management, is SGE—a bellwether multifaceted firm. “Being a land development company owning substantial assets ourselves, our approach to asset management has always been reality versus theoretical,” states Allen Gantt, managing director, SGE.

SGE’s robust asset monitoring abilities stem from Aladdin, the company’s proprietary cloud-based maintenance management software that tracks the life cycle of each asset from acquisition to disposal, to increase the efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. Aladdin ensures optimum utilization of each resource to provide maximum returns by allowing users to schedule tasks at the most opportune moment. It stores and tracks the documentation and warranty information of each asset for easy retrieval and to facilitate necessary actions. Aladdin’s dashboards provide a visual representation of critical data in real time to generate a myriad of reports pertaining to work orders, pending works, or even the asset maintenance history, enabling effortless clearance of monthly audits. The mobile version of Aladdin—available on Android and iOS—is tantamount to having a Genie in the pocket, for they empower executives to manage the service requests, crew control, maintenance, and so forth, on the go.

The consultancy services for deploying Aladdin are aimed at assisting clients to utilize the software’s aesthetically designed and user-friendly features to the fullest potential. The consultation process typically begins with the SGE staff classifying and tagging client assets and using Aladdin to chalk out an optimized maintenance plan with an adequate focus on sustainability and safety.

With SGE, clients are not just buying software, but gaining an Asset Management partner

The team studies the client’s workflows to understand the features of Aladdin that best serve their purpose. Gantt mentions that SGE even helps construction companies build their asset registers from scratch by studying their building drawings and through onsite inspections. The company’s inspection services allow clients to tick the regulatory boxes and ensure high standards of safety and sustainability. “With SGE, clients are not just buying software, but gaining an asset management partner,” says Gantt.

Not surprisingly, SGE’s value proposition has been leveraged by several global enterprises. In the case of Agthia Group, one of the leading food and beverage companies in the UAE, meeting the business obligations to customers by delivering the best products required a highly efficient manufacturing processes supported by an exceptionally good CMMS. The company chose SGE over other vendors since Aladdin’s features matched perfectly with all its internal processes and requirements; the ease of scheduling maintenance activities was another booster. From a hierarchical asset module to an extensively detailed preventative scheduling module, Aladdin conforms to all the essential parameters of a pivotal CMMS, across industries from hospitality to manufacturing.

In the near future, SGE plans to expand its operations throughout the Middle East with a key focus on KSA, which is moving toward a non-oil dependent economy. While Aladdin can easily be adapted to suit multiple industries or businesses, growing client demands is propelling SGE to develop industry-specific modules—creating greater ripples in asset management.


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Allen Gantt, Managing Director

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