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Ben Ferguson, VP & Cloud Solutions Architect
For any organization, migrating its IT landscape to the cloud could unfurl new realms of advantages, including cost savings, flexibility, competitiveness, and faster innovation. The journey to the cloud is far from easy, however, as it brings a myriad of technological and strategic challenges along the way.

Conventionally, companies seeking to maximize the comprehensive potential of the cloud do so by establishing a direct connection from their office or data center to a cloud service provider like AWS. This direct connect enables businesses to create a vein into the cloud without having to completely transform their legacy infrastructure while simultaneously performing more advanced computation and achieving better fault tolerance for their applications. Networking can become a major concern during a cloud migration, as businesses must revise their wide area networks to make them more cloud-centric, truly distributed, and more secure than a traditional hub-and-spoke model. Such network revisions require more resources and expertise to achieve successfully, consequently rendering the cloud adoption process even more expensive for enterprises.

This is where Shamrock Consulting Group steps in to mitigate these challenges and make the cloud adoption process significantly more seamless for modern enterprise organizations.

Shamrock’s team of experts are battle-tested across thousands of products and projects related to Public Cloud, wide area networks, data centers, cybersecurity, and telecommunications, and they have a keen understanding of the many challenges faced by IT leaders on a daily basis. To that end, Shamrock helps its clients make informed decisions to procure the best products and services available at the guaranteed best price points during their journey to the cloud.

Ben Ferguson, Shamrock’s VP & Cloud Solutions Architect, says, “We believe that improving your mission-critical infrastructure shouldn’t be an exercise in futility. We help identify what’s needed and get it to our customers for the guaranteed best price.”

Shamrock’s focus around cloud/hybrid cloud is multi-tiered: they are quite adept at helping clients migrate to the cloud and procure direct connects into one or multiple clouds, as well as cloud orchestration, cloud cost management, application modernization, and cloud security. Through containerization, Shamrock can transform monolithic applications into cloud-native applications built off containers and/or microservices architectures. Shamrock leverages the tools provided by AWS to create a more distributed-type application with loosely-coupled components, which eliminates far-reaching effects due to a simple mistake, such as an entire application shutting down as a result of one single error.

We believe that improving your mission critical infrastructure shouldn’t be an exercise in futility. We help identify what’s needed, and get it to our customers for the guaranteed best price

Shamrock also excels at securing all aspects of a customer’s cloud environment via best practices for access control lists, identity access management (IAM), and the principle of least privilege, while also enabling clients to leverage the most cutting-edge anti-evasion and threat hunting technologies.

A significant part of Shamrock’s dexterity stems directly from the team that fuels the company’s expertise. Shamrock’s dynamic team consists of high-acumen problem solvers from both technical and financial backgrounds. This enables the company to leverage the best of both worlds around networking, data center, and cloud applications, as well as telecommunications and cybersecurity. “We can see how all the components are interrelated, and how everything fits into the bigger picture,” adds Ferguson.

Shamrock’s sweet spot is mid to large global enterprises (including dozens of Fortune 500, 100 and 50 clients) boasting some of the most complex networks in the world. Shamrock has no true vertical, with customers ranging from finance and healthcare to retail, manufacturing, and media & entertainment. They are an award-winning Swiss Army Knife in terms of their broad capabilities and expertise.

There are many factors that play into Shamrock’s outstanding success since their inception in 2008, one of the most important being an internal focus on the continuing education of new products and services in the marketplace. They consistently push the envelope to identify and understand emerging technologies and how they can be best applied to solve customer’s problems. “Our customers routinely refer to us as the low-cost, high-value leader in what we do because we help them navigate complexities tied to digital transformation solutions and architect their IT stacks correctly on the first shot. And we do it all with the best price guarantee. We’re always there for our customers in an effort to build long-term relationships, and we get just as excited as they do when they succeed,” concludes Ferguson.

Shamrock Consulting Group

El Segundo, CA

Ben Ferguson, VP & Cloud Solutions Architect

Shamrock exists as a trusted ally to enterprise IT leaders responsible for making the most difficult and sensitive decisions related to technology procurement. The company provides comprehensive and objective analysis at affordable costs to its customers, helping them make the right decisions on any product from any provider at the guaranteed best price. The company’s experts are battle-tested across thousands of products and projects related to telecommunications, cloud, wide area networks and data centers, and understand the many challenges that IT leaders face on a daily basis

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