Shareable Ink: Simplified Clinical Documentation for Anesthesia, Providers, Patient Check in &Surgery Centers

Laurie McGraw, President and CEO
In the era of convenient information storage systems and the rapid technology boom, holding valuable and sensitive data in paper can be a risky and cumbersome task. Hospitals, physicians, and clinicians who form the inherent players of the healthcare industry are badgered by the constant need to digitize and e-document clinically-rich information. Shareable Ink, a Nashville-based organization, provides simplified clinical documentation solutions for all establishments in the healthcare sector, from the time of patient admission to the post-treatment follow-up.

“Shareable Ink is focused on maintaining the physicians’ workflow, efficiency, and quality of care delivery. Our approach is all about amplifying what works in healthcare,” says Laurie McGraw, President and CEO, Shareable Ink. Right from ambulatory services, anesthesia records, patient registration, and physician progress notes, Shareable Ink can digitize a multitude of records with ease.

Although the healthcare industry has successfully embraced clinical technology and related- developments, it is exposed to an array of challenges. These challenges include (but are not limited to) physician adoption challenges and complex technology that does not yield expected financial results, quality output, and client satisfaction. Shareable Ink’s enterprise cloud platform is designed to integrate into existing systems (HIS, billing, scheduling) allowing organizations to keep clinicians focused on their patients.

Details from the patient-doctor interaction are captured at the point of care using natural input tools such as an iPad, digital pen and paper or voice. The data is clinically-encoded, structured, and stored securely in the Shareable Ink cloud. The digitized clinical documents can be further utilized for analytics and shared with hospital systems, billing systems, national registries and more. One of the company’s featured solutions is ShareMU, launched in 2012 that enables anesthesiologists to qualify for Meaningful Use (stage 1 and 2) by combining the cloud-based software with the services of a virtual scribe. Physicians enrolled in the program achieved an unprecedented attestation rate of 97.8 percent for stage 1. New quality reporting programs are a focus for the company as the market prepares for reimbursement changes and accountable care organizations.
Renowned names like Resolute Anesthesia and Pain Management from the list of the company’s prestigious clientele achieved 100 percent provider acceptance. “Resolute provides anesthesia and pain services to a large constituent of physicians and clinicians across the United States. Clinician adoption of technology is an important part of Resolute’s value proposition. Our solutions absolutely met the marks for them,” quotes McGraw. The successful implementation of its technology and solutions coupled with its accomplishment of business pursuits and client goals serve as a testimony of Shareable Ink’s product usability and adoptability.

Shareable Ink is easy to use! Our physicians love it because we are able to complete clinical and administrative documentation for all patients in real time, greatly reducing costly delays

Shareable Ink is focused on building out its operations to ensure they deliver solutions that are easily adoptable and provide financial and quality outcome for their clients. With that, Shareable Ink has just scratched the surface in terms of market penetration and Laurie remains focused on driving development for usable solutions that fit today’s healthcare needs.

Shareable Ink is now gearing up to launch products within this year and incorporate voice-based solutions in all of its products.

The organization rallies behind amplifying what works in healthcare by dedicating a great deal of time, energy and investment to ensure their technology marries the client workflow without any disruption.

Shareable Ink

Nashville, TN

Laurie McGraw, President and CEO

An enterprise cloud-based platform that enables easy clinical documentation and EHR use with the help of natural input tools including iPad, digital pen and voice recognition