SharedBook: You Can Have It Both Ways

Lance Westbrook, Sr. VP
Almost every industry is in the midst of a digital transformation. Some organizations are taking the “whole-nine-yards” approach, seeking to go all-digital, all at once. Others are moving more cautiously, maintaining many of their traditional systems for now. L&D professionals and Training companies face an uneasy choice. Do they re-create all their existing course material as digital-only and mobile-ready for their fastest moving customers? Or, do they continue to provide printed materials and in-person training for more traditional customers? SharedBook answers this challenge by providing a single integrated platform that encompasses complete digital/mobile eBook capabilities and the industry’s lowest cost print-on-demand solution.

For any enterprise, this process of digital transformation is more of a journey than an event. “Our customers need to continue delivering printed materials and simultaneously move their business to securely deliver digitized, mobile material, all without losing control of their intellectual property,” adds Sr. VP, Lance Westbrook. Ultimately, the challenge remains that this is a change that comes in incremental steps. And it requires both print and mobile distribution solutions that are inexpensive enough to begin using at low volume, yet robust enough to be practical at large scale.

From an administrator’s perspective, SharedBook is extremely efficient in managing both print materials and eBooks. SharedBook allows Administrators to upload their existing materials without re-authoring as PDFs, PowerPoints, Word documents, or videos. The platform automatically stitches it all together to create a unified e-book experience as well as preparing a print-ready file that can be produced locally through an integrated production workflow at any of more than 1,800 locations, for free same-day pickup or free next-day local delivery. SharedBook has tackled the inefficiencies of dealing with multiple platforms and centralized print-on-demand solutions thereby significantly lowering the overall costs of mobile distribution, as well as traditional printing and shipping.

Administrators need to have the ability to withdraw mobile access and push updates to users, which is a critical advantage of a mobile platform.

Our customers need to continue delivering printed materials and move their business to securely deliver digitized, mobile material at the same time, all without losing control of their intellectual property

With SharedBook, employees receive their training materials within a completely secure environment across all their devices, accessed from the web or via branded apps. The end user experience is that of an eBook, available anywhere, anytime, online or offline, with forward-looking features which allow users to collaborate with other staking the same course.

SharedBook also provides an online private marketplace that can be used to sell training materials or distribute in bulk to franchise locations or third-party providers. It also has a built-in reporting and analytics engine that interprets the data from users and gives the training firms significant insights into how the content is being used and interacted with in the field.

OnCourse Learning has been delivering continuing education and corporate training for more than 60 years, with more than three million alumni across 11,000 courses. Upon a complete implementation of SharedBook’s solution, OnCourse had this to say: “If you want to manage your e-books and work with files that you already own, SharedBook is the company for you. SharedBook accepted our existing PDF files and provided a dynamic user experience with interactive features. By providing e-books through SharedBook, we have been able to address a customer need in a marketplace, not only for the more technologically-advanced students but also to those offering their students options beyond print.”


Ann Arbor, Michigan

Lance Westbrook, Sr. VP

SharedBook allows users to add digital and mobile formats to printed training materials while eliminating shipping costs