SharpCloud Software: Leadership Narratives across Business Portfolios

Sarim Khan, CEO
A successful business understands the importance of quality data-driven decision-making processes. Data being only one piece of the puzzle, most organizations require a more holistic approach to data collection to attain definite success. As enterprise technology tends to be very data-driven, traditionally we see business teams and leadership are served data reports bottom-up from each business unit, which created the dreaded silos!

On the other hand, what organizations want to see is information, data and collateral across their lines of business for a more strategic and comprehensive view. They need a tool to integrate each cross-section between data, people, and assets, and give the executive leadership better control over decision-making. This is where SharpCloud, as visual communication software, comes in creating a decision support business software. Whether it be strategic portfolios with a focus on IT, Strategy, Innovation, People, Projects and Risk, SharpCloud puts the investigative power back in the hands of the C-level executives and their teams rather than the siloed lines of business.

“SharpCloud is an executive management tool primarily focused across business strategic portfolios coupled with the improvement of that business,” says Sarim Khan, CEO of SharpCloud.

With the three Cs: create, collaborate, and communicate, being kept in mind as key, high-level themes in their product, SharpCloud is able to generate value for enterprise customers. The company abides by the first element ‘Create’ by allowing executives to create their own views of how they want their business to look like and what they need to use for decision-making across their business units. This includes their unique relationships feature that allows users to visually connect items across previously siloed data. ‘Collaborate’ is natural to SharpCloud as real-time collaboration is “baked-in” to the software. The third tenet of the company’s themes is ‘Communicate’, which is about how the presentation layer in SharpCloud is connected to live data so that your narratives are always up-to-date and dynamic, a sharp contrast to slide-decks that have a more linear progression.

Born in 2012 on the Microsoft Azure cloud, SharpCloud exists in both public and private versions with the company also offering an on-premises version of the product for customers that want individual control over their data.

SharpCloud is an executive management tool primarily focused across business strategic portfolios coupled with the improvement of that business

SharpCloud is fully integrated with Office 365 authentication (also ActiveDirectory and SAML), which is how most customers use it, as a strategic business tool alongside Office 365.

With a streamlined onboarding process, SharpCloud has clear long-term implementation process for customers starting with the customer committing to a 90-day pilot process during which SharpCloud aims to prove demonstrable value to the customer’s business process. “SharpCloud is one of few tools designed to be executive-led rather than business unit-led,” states Khan. “It indeed is a top-down tool even though we operate on available data and collateral from the bottom-up line of business tools and process. What we see is that SharpCloud will leverage the data from your existing line of business tools to create new insights for leadership.”

Among SharpCloud’s thriving clientele, the State of Hawaii Office of Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) was looking for an effective and efficient way to communicate its priorities and facilitate project plans across all departments. Using SharpCloud, ETS was able to build their department dashboard tool that allowed them to communicate within their own agency while also supporting IT governance efforts across all departments.

On the lookout of scaling expansion in the following year, SharpCloud will be concentrating more on enterprise businesses in the U.S. and growth across the country. On the product’s side, the company is trying to focus more on creating even simpler user experiences for their key user community.Currently recruiting enterprise partners particularly in the EU, SharpCloud is open to helping new companies understand how SharpCloud can offer value to their enterprise customers.

SharpCloud Software

London, UK

Sarim Khan, CEO

SharpCloud, a software hosted from Microsoft Azure cloud, is a visual communication tool for enterprise customers, providing data-driven views

SharpCloud Software